Committee Staff – DISEC

Chair: Kevin Hui

Kevin is a third year Science student, currently working to transition to Business for next year. When he’s not hip-deep in school work, or managing the expo line at Cactus Club CafĂ©, he spends most of his time training to compete in Olympic weightlifting. He looks forward to hosting another explosive and hopefully productive (for once) DISEC committee.


Vice-Chair: Ethan Edstrom

Ethan is a first year student who is studying Biological Sciences with a minor in Political Sciences at the University of Alberta. This is his fourth year with HSMUN, and first as a volunteer. In the past, Ethan has participated in several different committees, ranging from beginner level committees to Security Council in his last year, and is excited to be a part of DISEC this year. In his free time, Ethan is often either playing or watching hockey, and will gladly argue about NHL roster moves with anyone who will listen. In the future, Ethan intends to travel as much as possible and pursue a career in something he is passionate about.


FPA: Hamza Mandour

Hamza is in his third year of undergraduate studies at the University of Alberta. He has two years of experience as a delegate and hopes to bring that forward for this year’s conference in his role as a Foreign Policy Advisor for DISEC. Outside of HSMUN, he enjoys picking heavy things up and putting them back down, and when not studying he takes time selecting only the finest memes to share with his friends.


FPA: Navya Baradi