Committee Staff – ECOFIN

Chair: Robert Bilak

Robert is a third-year Political Science and Economics student, as well as a first-year Peter Lougheed Leadership College Scholar. The upcoming 2019 conference will be his fifth with HSMUN. He was a delegate for three years in high school and is volunteering for his second time. Last year he was the Vice-Chair of the Human Rights Committee, and this year he is the chair of ECOFIN (Economics and Finance). He is also involved with numerous student governance groups on campus, all the way from Students’ Council to his department association, the Political Science Undergraduate Association. Besides on-campus stuff, he is also learning how to ballroom dance and can currently waltz, hopefully by the time of the conference he will know the basics of a few more dances. He also really enjoys canoeing, playing video games, camping/being outside, and reading Dan Brown novels.


Vice-Chair: Firas Abid El-Raheem

Firas is a third year Bachelor of Commerce student with a Major in International Business and a Minor in Business Economics and Law. Firas enjoys watching and playing football(Soccer) and occasionally catching up on some Alex Jones. He struggles to reach his 4.0 GPA and spends most of his time complaining of “haters” stopping him. Firas on his spare time is an avid day-trader however, he sees more red days than green. He does not play nor does he care about your skills in Fortnite. Firas owns many designer items and is not the most fiscally responsible person, but he hopes ECOFIN will teach him better.


FPA: Eva-Marie Craik

Eva is a first year Political Science major with a side dish of Economics. She thinks she knows music, playing both piano and guitar and will definitely check out your SoundCloud (send her a song with your position paper). Although her ability to quote the entire “Good Grief” episode of Arrested Development may seem concerning, she also spends much of her time reading and constantly exposing herself to new ideas that challenge her views about the world! She also wants you to know that there’s about a 2000% chance she wants to be your friend so don’t be afraid to approach her! This will be her first year volunteering with HSMUN. Although she was a delegate for all 3 years of high school and attended SUNIA, she spent much of it embarrassing herself and therefore encourages you all not to worry about that, but to put yourselves out of your comfort zones, learn a few things and have a great time!


FPA: Trevor Sullivan

Trevor is in his 3rd year of a Bachelor of Arts program with a major in Political Science and a minor in Economics. This is his first year of involvement with HSMUN, as a delegate or as a volunteer. Having graduated from a small town in Northern Alberta, he never had the opportunity to get involved with such exciting extracurricular activities but is thrilled to be involved with HSMUN 2019. In university, he has been a member of the Rotaract Club of the University of Alberta and has had his scholarly work featured in the Political Science Undergraduate Review, a publication that features essays of undergraduate political science students. With interests including international politics and macroeconomics, being a Foreign Policy Advisor in the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee is a terrific fit for him. He looks forward to working with high school students to help further their understanding of international relations as it relates to economic and financial issues.