Committee Staff – Futuristic Security Council (2045)

Chair: Katie MacLean

Katie MacLean is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Sciences from the University of Alberta with a certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership from the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. She attended HSMUN while in High School and has twice attended the National Model United Nations Conference in the United States, once as the Head Delegate for the University of Alberta team. Outside of Model United Nations, Katie currently works as the Applied Leadership Program Coordinator at the University of Alberta and is the President of the non-profit organization the Alberta Mentorship Program.


Vice Chair: Kanika Vashist

Kanika Vashist is the Vice-Chair of Futuristic Security Council 2045. She is currently in her first year at the UofA under the Faculty of Arts, majoring in Economics, but she hopes to transfer to the School of Business for her second year! She was a part of HSMUN twice as a delegate and is so excited to be helping out as a volunteer this year. She really enjoys any activities that involve public speaking such as debate, and she hopes to share this passion with all of the participants this year. In her free time you’ll find her volunteering with kids, shopping for new clothes, or just at home watching Netflix while sipping on some chai. If you’re looking for someone to talk to about that new show you’re watching, she’s the perfect person to go to!


FPA: Andrew Li

Serving as one of your Futuristic Security Council’s Foreign Policy Advisors is Andrew Li! He’s a first year Biological Sciences Student who’s minoring in Political Science and is really looking forward to getting to know everyone. He has attended HSMUN all throughout high school representing Australia, China and Nigeria and is excited to be a part of your Dias for 2019! In his free time you can find Andrew reffing hockey, coaching debate or most likely napping. He is super outgoing and easy to talk to and despite being lactose intolerant, is never afraid of sharing a large Oreo milkshake with anyone!


FPA: Csongor Szepesvari

Csongor is in his second year, although he is now in open studies, last year he was studying Math at Waterloo. This is his 3rd year with HSMUN, his previous two experiences were as a delegate. Csongor has a variety of hobbies, when he’s not reading about political theory or philosophy, he’s likely doing 1 of 3 things: breaking his car by trying to modify it, spending time with his girlfriend, or simply playing some good old Dungeons & Dragons Online. As a Foreign Policy Advisor for the Future Security Council 2045, Csongor will be assisting delegates with their *big surprise* foreign policy. This does not mean however that you do not have to conduct your own research, he is merely there to pad your knowledge if you happen to have missed something, and will be checking in on you during unmoderated caucuses to make sure all’s well. In the meantime he should be able to point you to some links that will give you a general idea of what this council is all about.