Committee Staff – Security Council 2019

Chair: Neil Cameron

Neil is a third year Physics and Chemistry double major at the U of A. This is Neil’s 6th year with HSMUN, doing 3 years as a delegate, and 2 previous years as a volunteer. Outside of school Neil enjoys being terrible at playing accordion, running a junior curling program, being an ice technician, selling shoes at his shoe store, and getting turned down by girls. He is excited to be the chair of Security Council 2019, and is looking forward to discussing the Yemen Civil War (which actually seems surprisingly un-civil, and mostly just warlike).


Vice Chair: Grace Li

This is Grace, your vice-chair dais for the 2019 Security Council, and your new favourite Sagittarius! She is a second year Political Science student, and this is her third year with HSMUN. Grace participated as a delegate in HSMUN two years, her first representing Palestine in the legal council, her second representing the United States in DISEC, and this is her first year Volunteering. Most of the time you can find Grace asleep or watching CNN and Fox News with her dad. She also enjoys checking her horoscope, watching TV shows, and online shopping with the money she doesn’t have; so, feel free to strike up a conversation by bringing up that thing you saw in the news, if you need or have a show recommendation, or by offering to pay her credit card bill. Grace’s favourite part of HSMUN is when everyone is actively participating in debate and having an appropriate amount of fun, so go wild – kind of, and she will be as helpful as she possibly can, so your experience as a delegate is memorable for all the right reasons.


FPA: Abigail Isaac

Abby is a first year Political Science/Economics student, and the most interesting thing about her is that she is an avid Lauryn Hill fan. She’s been doing HSMUN for two years, and has been involved with no committee other than Security Council, which makes her both very fit for the job, and also one-track minded. Other interests of hers (besides anything to do with international relations), include Frank Ocean, books by James Baldwin, 90s anything, voting, and winning. She struggles with reconciling her desire to be a Lawyer, and her acknowledgement of global systemic corruption. Besides that, you might see her around with the City of Edmonton Youth Council and ECYC, among some other things. She’s always ready for a good conversation about basically anything (except Chemistry), or some mango bubble tea, so feel free to become friends with her – it would be much appreciated!


FPA: Shridhar Patel

Hey, Shridhar here! On his 5th year with HSMUN, Shridhar Patel is on his 3rd year as an FPA after doing Model UN in high school. As a Political Science Major in his 3rd year, feel free to ask him about current events (or Quebec for a real hot take). In his free time, you can catch him watching hockey, arguing about politics, or playing video games. Meanwhile, he’s super excited to see you all at the conference!