Committee Staff – WHO

Chair: Abigail Stosky

Abigail Stosky is currently in her second last year at the University of Alberta. She is working toward a double major in Biology and Science Psychology with a research certificate in Biological Sciences. When she’s not studying, Abigail enjoys playing the piano, spending time with her family, and watching Netflix (she’s currently working her way through Brooklyn 99 with her sister, so no spoilers!). She’s also a huge nerd, and loves talking about sci-fi, international affairs, art history, drama, and all things geek. This is Abigail’s third year being involved with HSMUN, but she has also attended other simulations in the past such as the Seminar for United Nations and International Affairs (SUNIA) and the Edmonton World Health Organization Simulation (eWHO). The WHO is a committee near and dear to her heart, and she is extremely honored to serve on the WHO Dias for HSMUN 2019. Abigail is very excited for this year’s conference, and can’t wait to see all the delegates bring their country’s policies to life! She hopes all the participants are ready for a truly unforgettable conference filled with learning, laughter, and memories to last a lifetime! Let the debate begin!


Vice-Chair: Abigail Seewald

Abi wants to live in a world filled with passionate debaters, books that come bundled with extra dark chocolate and free flights to anywhere in the world. As a third year biological science student she spends 80% of her time complaining about all the things she has to do and the other 20% of her time actually doing those things. When she’s not procrastinating or coaching skating to cute little children in huge snowsuits, you can find her eating sushi, sliding around in fuzzy socks and dancing the night away. Abi loves to be involved in university student groups on campus such as Friends of Doctors Without Borders that works towards providing access to health resources. As her first time as Dias in HSMUN, she is excitedly preparing for the upcoming debates discussing the controversies and inequalities in global health.


FPA: Ashwini Gadtoula

Ashwini is a first year Political Science and Economics student here at the UofA. She did HSMUN all three years of high school and is excited to be one of your FPAs for WHO this year. Ashwini did HSMUN because she thought it was going to be like that one episode of The Simpsons (just the first part though, not when they got stranded on the island). It wasn’t. It was different but still such an amazing experience nonetheless. She hopes that the conference has the same positive impact on you as well. See her in the committee! And remember, “Do you kids want to be like the real UN or just squabble and waste time?” – Principal Skinner, S9 EP14, The Simpsons


FPA: Dawson Dupree

Dawson is a third year Earth and Atmospheric Science student with a minor in History. It is his first year volunteering with the HSMUN team but he has plenty of experience with model United Nations, participating in HSMUN, SSUNS, and EWHO as a delegate. In his spare time Dawson enjoys rock climbing, cooking, and reading.