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Security Council

Akanksha Bhatnagar

Hi Delegates! My name is Akanksha Bhatnagar, and I am stoked to be your Chair for Security Council this year. I am currently a third year Political Science and Sociology Major, and a first year Peter Lougheed Leadership Scholar. When I’m not busy re-tweeting everything on Twitter (or binge-watching Netflix), I spend most of my time at the Students’ Union as the Student Governance Officer working closely with Student Representatives across campus. This will be my 6th year with the HSMUN program, and I’m excited to meet you all! Don’t be shy to send us any questions you may have to our email at

Divya Shah

My name is Divya Shah and I’m in my third year of honors in Immunology & Infection. In my free time, I enjoy playing swimming and watching sports. I know over 300 digits of pi. This year at HSMUN I am Vice-Chair for the Security Council 2018, and I am excited to hear the delegates’ perspectives on current global issues.

Sarah Hurnard

Hello! I’m Sarah Hurnard and I am one of your fabulous FPAs for Security Council 2018! I am currently in my third year in Political Science at the U of A and this is my second year with HSMUN. When I’m not stuck studying I spend my time cuddling the fluffiest puppies I can find and trying to keep warm during these freezing cold winter months! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and helping you with all your foreign policy needs! Until then, stay toasty and happy researching!

Christian Zukowski 

Hello! My name is Christian, and I’m a first year Faculty of Arts student at the UofA, majoring in political science and minoring in international studies. I participated in HSMUN all three years of high school, and went to SUNIA in the summer of 2016! As a delegate at HSMUN, I was in security council for two years and am very excited to be an FPA in this year’s security council! I enjoy camping and hiking in my free time, and campaigning in federal and provincial elections.


Security Council Future

Manvinder Lalh

Hi im Manvinder Lalh, and i’ll be your Chair this year for Security Council 2050. I am a second year Materials Engineer at the U of A. This is my 5th year involved with HSMUN and my 2nd as staff after 3 very successful, and fun, years as a delegate; as Brazil, New Zealand and Russia respectively. Picking up 2 best delegate awards in my final two years. I served as Vice Chair of DISEC last year, who, unfortunately despite our best efforts, failed to pass anything once again. I look forward to an engaging conference. I know we will have lots of fun and definitely learn some skills along the way. My Dais and I eagerly await all of you in 2018. If you ever want to chat about Engineering, Debate, United Nations, Soccer, rap music or anything interesting feel free to come chat with me during the conference.

Mitchell Babiuk

Shridhar Patel

Hello! My name is Shridhar Patel, and I will be one of your FPA’s this Conference. I am currently a 2nd-year Political Science Major and a History Minor. In my free time, I watch movies, play video games, and watching hockey. I have done Model UN for the past 3 years with the first two as Peru and US in DISEC and Historical Security Council respectively. I look forward to hearing your opinions in February!

Cara Au

Hi, I’m Cara and I’m excited to be part of HSMUN for the first time! I am a first year in Honours Biochemistry. I have Model UN experience participating in SUNIA (MUN summer camp) and BERMUN, the Berlin Model United Nations. In my spare time, I love doing Chinese dance, playing the clarinet, and watching The Office. I look forward to seeing you at HSMUN 2018!



Samir Esmail

I am currently in second year of university, studying business law and finance at the University of Alberta. Model United Nations has always been a passion of mine competing in HSMUN three years in a row as well as going to SSUNS in Montreal and SUNIA. I also had the pleasure of being a foreign policy advisor for DISEC last year. I love debate and with six year of experience, I am excited to see some great discussions and debates during HSMUN this year. I enjoy to travel and explore the world being to places, including Vietnam, Italy, India, and most recent Japan. I keep up to date with sports and have fantasy teams in basketball, football, and hockey. I also keep up with current events and enjoy the humour of watching politics. I am looking forward to being this year’s UNODC Chair and I am excited to see all the unique and creative roles that all of the delegates will play. I will be there to help to control and run debate throughout the weekend as well as help people learn the basics to HSMUN. Look forward to seeing all of you in February.

Harman Kang

Harman is a second year Human Geography student who is in her 5th year of HSMUN. As a student delegate, she has represented Palestine, New Zealand, and Russia, with her first committee (coincidentally) being UNODC. In her spare time she can be seen listening to NPR, watching the National, and ranting about the art that is Indian cinema.

Sabrina Tharani



Andrew Ho

Neil Cameron

Neil is a second year physics and chemistry major at the U of A. This is his fifth year with hsmun, and his second year as a volunteer. In his spare time he enjoys making unfunny math memes, curling, and being bad at both physics and chemistry.

Harnoor Kochar

My name is Harnoor Kochar and I’m currently in my first year of a political science degree. Throughout my high school career, I have participated in the HSMUN conferences at the University of Alberta and in my final year and also winning the Outstanding Diplomat Award in my final year as part the Russian Delegation for the 2017 Security Council. Apart from reading up on national and international affairs, I also enjoy watching cinema from around the world, running and listening to hip-hop (Swet Shop Boys, anybody?). I’m excited to have a great conference and can’t wait to meet all the delegates!



Azan Esmail

I am a 2nd-year political science student at the U of A. I participated in HSMUN for all 3 years of high school and at a model UN conference in Montreal. I enjoy travelling and doing public speech and debate. I’m looking forward to delegates really embracing their country’s foreign policy, especially when it contradicts conventional Canadian political doctrine.

Kevin Ka Yu Hui

I am in my second year of pursuing my specialization degree in pharmacology. I have been a delegate for the 3 years of high school. I enjoy bboying, olympic weightlifting, and milly rocking. This is my first year as a volunteer, and I am very excited to see how these topics turn out in debate.

Leb Jenric (LJ) Valencia

My name is LJ Valencia and I’m currently in my third year of BA Honors Economics with a minor in Political Science. I participated in HSMUN at the University of Alberta during all three years of my high school. I am an avid PC gamer, econ nerd and a huge NBA fan. If there’s anything that makes me laugh, it’s econ memes. I’m excited to meet all the delegates and I am totally looking forward to having an amazing conference with everyone.


Human Rights Council

Anusha Kav

My name is Anusha and I am in my 2nd year at UAlberta with a major in Political Science and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. This will be my third year doing HSMUN and I’m really excited to be your chair! I love animals, watching copious amounts of Stephen Colbert’s political satire and quoting disney movies on a daily basis.

Robert Bilak

Hi, my name is Robert, and I’m super excited to be volunteering with HSMUN this year!! I’m currently in my second year of a double major in political sciences and economics, and looking forward to the 4 years of law school in my future……..hopefully. This is my first year volunteering with HSMUN, and I’m super excited to wrestle with some issues surrounding human rights. I went to HSMUN as a delegate in all three years of high school, and I loved it, in fact it’s a very large part of what got me involved in politics in the first place. Besides that, other interests include: camp, video games, sleeping, canoeing, travelling and Dan Brown novels (you should read his newest one #notsponsored). Anyway I hope you all have a great conference and learn a lot about the UN and it’s importance in the world.

Nathan Fung


World Health Organization

Cen Yang

Hi delegates! My name is Cen Yang and I’m a 3rd year Sciences student. This will be my 6th year being a part of HSMUN and 3rd year being a staff. I have served as the Director of the Historical Security Council in my first year and as the Chair of DISEC last year. On those occasional moments when I leave Cameron Library, I like to binge watch Asian dramas and debate with the University of Alberta Debate Society. I’m addicted to bubble tea! That’s the most important thing to know about me. Free to ask me if you have any questions or if you just want to chat! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the Conference. If there’s one tip I can give you for HSMUN then it’s: practice your karaoke skills!

Jenna Mulji

Jenna Mulji is in her second year, studying biological sciences with a minor in drama. This is her second year volunteering with HSMUN, and she is so excited to be the vice chair for WHO! Jenna is really passionate about the development of global health, and is excited to see what resolutions the delegates come up with this year. In her free time, she loves to read, watch Netflix, and go plant shopping.

Christian Wigger

Hello! My name is Christian, and I am a first year UofA student studying Economics, and am hoping to get into the Faculty of Business next year. I did HSMUN for two years in high school, repping Australia and China in both the WHO and Security Council. My interests include dank memes, history, and procrastinating on my homework. Looking forward to this year’s HSMUN conference, and I hope you all are as well!



Adam Lachacz

Gabrielle Potvin

Hi, I’m Gabby! I’m in my 2nd year of Linguistics, and my second year of volunteering for HSMUN after having been a Press delegate in high school! In my free time, I can usually be found in Fine Arts Building, playing in the Concert Band and the Saxophone Choir! I’m also a big fan of Star Trek, and in my spare time, I’ve been working to preserve and archive parts of a Vulcan Linguistics website. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the conference​!



Thai Sirikoone

Britney Trieu

HI ALL! My name is Britney Trieu. I’m a first-year student in Mathematics who is hoping to enter the Alberta School of Business in Fall 2018. This will be my fourth year involved in HSMUN, with my previous years in: IMF (G10); IAEA (G11); ECOFIN (G12). This year, I’m a part of our HSMUN’s media team. What do I do in my free time? Good question. What is free time? Another good question! All in all, I am super excited to listen to all the discussions around the set topic for this year – can’t wait to see you all there 🙂

Preyanshu Kumar