Committee Staff


Chair: Ada Wright

Ada is in her fourth and final year as a Political Science Major and Economics Minor. Ada is a previous member of the UofA’s national MUN team and this will her second year volunteering with HSMUN after working with the wonderful delegates from SOCHUM last year! When Ada isn’t panicking over what to do with her life after graduation you can probably find her debating over which political philosopher was more annoying, watching trashy crime TV shows, or trying to make it through her seemingly endless ‘To Be Read’ list (great recommendations are still being accepted). Ada is looking forwards to being back in person for HSMUN 2022 and a great year!

Vice Chair: Abhay Agnihotri

Abhay is a second year Biomedical Engineering student. This is his third year with HSMUN, having participated twice in high school (DISEC/Mongolia and Legal/United States) and now volunteering. Despite the nature of his degree, he takes great interest in matters of history and politics, and enjoys a good philosophical conversation. When he’s not studying or working, Abhay enjoys playing and following soccer, watching classic movies, and catching up on current events. Abhay can’t wait for HSMUN to take place on campus after the 2 year hiatus. 

FPA: Oscar Pearson

Oscar is a first year anthropology student. This is his fourth year with HSMUN and first year as a volunteer. Outside of volunteering with MUN, Oscar can be found in the kitchen or watching old b-movies on VHS. He’s very excited to finally be back in person for HSMUN this year.

FPA: Csongor Szepesvari 


Chair: Daisy Brazil

Daisy is a third-year Honours Drama student with a minor in political science. This will be her sixth HSMUN, having spent three years as a volunteer (as Vice-Chair for WHO and FSC) and three as a delegate (in ECOFIN, DISEC, and Security Council). When she isn’t in committee, Daisy enjoys watching theatre, re-reading Jane Austen novels, and trying (and failing) to get Wi-Fi signal in the Fine Arts Building lounge. She is absolutely thrilled to be Chair of FSC, and can’t wait to meet all of this year’s delegates in person! 

Vice Chair: Sebastian Gingerich

Sebastian is a second-year commerce student pursuing studies in business, economics, and law with a Real Estate Certificate. After spending three years as a delegate in high school, he jumped at the chance to volunteer last year and is looking forward to volunteering again. He hopes to provide everyone with the same in-depth experience that made him want to volunteer. Sebastian spent many years as a competitive swimmer and still partakes in the sport. Other than swimming, he enjoys reading non-fiction books about real estate, economics, and finance. He is super excited for HSMUN 2022 to be in-person once again!

FPA: Chiara Concini 

Chiara is in her second year of a political science and history degree at Campus Saint-Jean (the UofA’s French campus!). This is her fifth year with HSMUN, as she participated as a delegate for three years in high school (UNEP, Future Security Council, DISEC) and was an FPA for the Security Council last year. Chiara is involved in Campus Saint-Jean student governance and can be found watching the Great British Bake-Off or reading John Grisham books in her spare time. She is beyond excited for the 2022 conference!

FPA: Hailey Lothamer

Hailey is entering her third year of a honours political science and spanish degree. This will be her fourth year with HSMUN, and her third as a volunteer. She is super interested in following EU politics, with a particular focus on Eastern and Central European countries. Outside of academics, Hailey enjoys watching the Great Canadian Bake Show and earnestly supporting local coffee shops. She cannot wait to see the return of debate at the 2022 HSMUN conference! 

Economic and Financial Committee

Chair: Maya Nagorski

Maya is a second year Immunology and Infection student, and a second year volunteer, and a fifth time conference attendee. In her free time she loves to read and write, and is an advocate for youth arts culture in Edmonton. She enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and being bad at video games. She’s incredibly excited to be serving as the chair of ECOFIN, and is looking forward to spending a weekend with all the delegates!

Vice Chair: Anjali Joshi 

Anjali is currently in her fourth year in a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology. This is her sixth year with HSMUN, and fourth year as a volunteer. This is her second year as Vice Chair, with the initial two years volunteering as a general aid. In addition to HSMUN, Anjali loves to read in her free time along with watching crime documentaries. She also spends time volunteering with non profit organizations both on and off campus. She is really looking forward to this years conference and meeting everyone!

FPA: Muneer Nazir 

Muneer is a second year student majoring in Political Science and minoring in Economics. This is his first year volunteering with HSMUN but participated as a delegate in Beijing and Thailand MUN as well HSMUN back in high school. In his free time you can find him on the basketball court , watching the Oilers game or improving his videography skills. Muneer can’t wait for this year’s conference and is excited to meet everyone.

FPA: Alexander Altukhov

Alexander is a first year student majoring in Political Science and minoring in Anthropology. This is his first year volunteering with HSMUN, but he has 3 years of experience as a delegate. In his free time, Alexander can be found playing video games and working on or talking about cars. He is eagerly anticipating this year’s conference and is looking forward to meeting everyone this year.   


Chair: Adam Elamy

Adam is in his fourth year of an Honors Computing (Computer) Science degree at the University of Alberta. He has been a part of HSMUN for six years, three of which were as a volunteer. Unfortunately this is likely to be his last year as he is graduating! When he isn’t helping out with HSMUN, Adam likes to read, watch anime or cook and make drinks. He is also a huge conversationalist, so feel free to come and talk with him during the conference. Adam is also looking forward to meeting all of you and hopes you have an awesome and safe school year!

Vice Chair: Daniel Zamoyski

Daniel is in the second year of studying economics. With four years of MUN experience, Daniel is passionate about the informed and energetic debate that MUN provides. He enjoys language learning, running, esports, and finding new music. His writing instrument is the fountain pen. Daniel is excited to be with all of you for HSMUN 2022!

FPA: Jasmine Chabba

Jasmine is a first year student majoring in political science and minoring in econ. She participated for 3 years in high school as a delegate for HSMUN, participating in Ecofin and Future SC. And it is now her first year as a volunteer. She’s passionate about international affairs and social justice advocacy which is why she loved Model UN right from grade 10. Outside of school she enjoys spending her free time with her dog and her friends and family. As well as rewatching the Harry Potter movies, her favourite pastime. 

FPA: Matthew Kosowan

Matthew is a third year student at the UofA studying Environmental Engineering, enrolled in the Co-op program. He has participated in HSMUN for 5 years in total, 3 years as a delegate and now 2 years as a volunteer. His favourite memory as a delegate was creating chaos as the delegation from Mexico, on the ECOFIN committee, with the help of the USA. Outside of school and work it is Matthew’s goal to become self educated in the world of finance, while also staying fit and healthy. He is also a big fan of sports, mainly soccer and college football, supporting Manchester United and the Oregon Ducks. Matthew is looking forward to another amazing HSMUN conference this year!


Chair: Tristen Wong

Tristen is a second year Bachelor of Science student specializing in Immunology and Infection. Although this is her first year with HSMUN, Tristen’s passion for Model UN has been insatiable since her first conference in 2016 – she has been delegating and volunteering at various conferences in Vancouver ever since. In her free time, Tristen can be found thrifting, plant-shopping, and re-reading Sylvia Plath’s works. Tristen is beyond ecstatic to be serving as your Chair for WHO at HSMUN 2022, and looks forward to meeting all of her brilliant delegates! 

Vice-Chair: Annie Tang

Annie is a first year science student with a specialization in Immunology and Infection. This is her second year with HSMUN, the prior as a (online) WHO delegate in grade 12 and now as a volunteer. She hopes to help everyone have a memorable and enjoyable experience like the one that led her to volunteer. Outside of academics, Annie enjoys drawing, watching nature documentaries, playing Genshin, and binging TV shows. She’s really excited to meet everyone in person this year!

FPA: Shakur Zein

Shakur  is a third year student majoring in Political Science and minoring in Sociology. This is his first year volunteering with HSMUN, but participated as a delegate in Beijing MUN as well as HSMUN back in highschool. He loves debating and is excited to be a part of HSMUN this year from another perspective. Shakur enjoys gaming as well as playing volleyball any chance he gets and can’t wait to meet everyone and make some memories! 

FPA: Manveer Chauhan

Manveer is a second year student pursuing a degree in Pharmacology with specialization. He has been a part of HSMUN for five years, three of which were as a delegate and two as a volunteer. In his free time Manveer enjoys being with friends, watching movies, or doing any activity car-related as he is a fnatic about cars (he won’t stop talking about cars…) Nonetheless, Manveer is a very approachable person and is looking forward to meeting all of you and hopes that you enjoy your HSMUN experience!


Chair: Areej Shaikh

Areej is a first year honors neuroscience student at the University of Alberta. This is her third year with HSMUN; she was a delegate in the LEGAL committee for 2 years and is now entering her third year as a volunteer! When she’s not in committee, Areej enjoys volunteering as a public speaking instructor for elementary and junior high students, as well as writing and publishing articles about political and social issues. In her free time you can find her binging Greys Anatomy, struggling to learn how to play the guitar, and spending time with friends and family. She is super excited for HSMUN 2022 and cannot wait to meet everyone! 

Vice Chair: Rian Hoyle

Rian is a second year arts student majoring in political science and minoring in history. This is their 5th year with HSMUN, three as a delegate and now two as a volunteer. Rian’s been a part of the HRC as USA, FSC as Ukraine, Legal as Equatorial Guinea then diplomatic aide, and now SOCHUM as the Vice-Chair! You’ll often find Rian with an iced coffee listening to movie scores and when they’re not hitting the books you’ll probably find Rian spending time writing, watching movies, or playing Minecraft. As a huge MUN nerd, one thing’s for sure: Rian can’t wait to see everyone at HSMUN 2022!

FPA: Tawfeeq Mannan

Tawfeeq is a first year Engineering student hoping to enter Computer Engineering next year. This is his 4th year with HSMUN, having attended as a delegate in all 3 years of high school—first as Yemen in DISEC, then as North Korea in Legal, and most recently as France in FSC (though he will always remain a loyal servant of the Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un). In his free time (a phrase not heard very much in Engineering), Tawfeeq enjoys watching shows, browsing memes, and playing video games like Valorant and Minecraft with his friends. He can’t wait to help make HSMUN awesome as always this year!

FPA: Winnie Guo

Winnie is a second-year student double-majoring in Sociology and Political Science. This will be her fourth year of participating in HSMUN and her second year as a volunteer, serving as a Foreign Policy Advisor for SOCHUM this year. She’s super excited to get behind the scenes of the conference! In her free time, Winnie is a cheerleader on the University of Alberta Competitive team, she loves travelling and exploring new places! Winnie is really excited about HSMUN 2022 and looks forward to meeting everyone!


Chair: Navya Baradi

Navya is a fourth year Strategic Management and Organization major and Business Economics minor. She loved participating in HSMUN as a high school student so much that she was an FPA in her first year of university, USG-Logistics in her second year, SOCHUM Chair in third, and back for the victory lap as Chair of LEGAL! Beyond MUN related things, she loves music, dance, politics, and cheesy puns. But most importantly, she can’t wait for HSMUN 2022 🙂

Vice Chair: Sama Dawood

Sama is a third year Chemical Engineering CPC Co-op student. In total, this will be Sama’s 6th year participating in HSMUN (3 as a delegate and 3 as a volunteer) so, in theory, she should be an expert by now. This is Sama’s second run as a Vice-Chair and she’s hoping to prevent any recurring “technical difficulties”. Sama prefers to be a versatile individual; when she is not deriving the solutions to complex engineering problems she enjoys drawing, painting, singing and strumming on her guitar. Sama is looking forward to this conference and observing the diplomatic chaos that is High School Model UN.

FPA: Ava Milne-Epp

Ava is currently in her second year of electrical engineering at the University of Alberta. This is her second year volunteering with HSMUN after volunteering as an FPA for WHO last year, and spent two years as a delegate in high school (on the WHO and FSC committees). In her free time, Ava is also a member of the AlbertaSat project group, and loves cuddling with her dog, watching movies, and knitting. She is looking forward to another great year of HSMUN! 

FPA: Zaeem Ahmed

Zaeem is in his first year of Political Science at the University of Alberta. This is his first year as a volunteer with HSMUN and his fourth year with HSMUN. He spent 3 years as a delegate in High School, once on LEGAL and once on WHO committees. In his free time, Zaeem is a member of the Legislative Assembly’s Page Program and volunteers as a referee with the Alberta Taekwondo Association. He loves watching Grey’s Anatomy and working on his car in his free time. He is looking forward to hearing all the dynamic debate topics at this year’s conference!