Conference Aides


Hope Salim

Hope recently graduated with a major in psychology and a minor in international studies. She volunteered at HSMUN for the last two years and just had to come back for a third time! She is passionate about dance and has been performing since she was four years old. Her favourite things to do in her spare time are watch Netflix and bake shortbread cookies. She has her fingers crossed that HSMUN can be (safely) in person this year!

David Mayhew

David is a first year economics student with a love for US politics and exploring political extremism. This is David’s 2rd year at HSMUN and 1st year as a volunteer, and he looks forward to making HSMUN 2021 the best one yet. David loves volunteering for any number of causes, from environmental causes to community schools and churches. When he is not found reading a needlessly long political twitter thread, David can be seen studying chess and finding riddles. 

Sebastian Gingerich 

Sebastian is a first-year arts student with plans to pursue studies in commerce and finance. After spending three years as a delegate in high school, he is looking forward to his first year as a volunteer and hopes to provide everyone with the same in-depth experience he had. Sebastian spent many years as a competitive swimmer and still partakes in the sport. Other than swimming, he enjoys reading non-fiction books about real estate, economics, and finance. He is super excited for HSMUN 2021, whether it is online or not!

Tyson Attia

Tyson is a third year science student with a major in Biological sciences and a minor in Psychology. This will be Tysons fourth year with HSMUN and third year as a volunteer. Tyson started off as a delegate of Greece in WHO, and is excited to continue his involvement with HSMUN. Tyson has taught himself piano over the summer and loves to learn how to play new music in his free time. He hopes everyone will enjoy the conference and will do whatever he can to make it as enjoyable as possible.


Phillip Vandevalk

Phillip is in the second year of his Secondary Education degree with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Chemistry. This will be his second year with HSMUN and his first as a volunteer. Phillip enjoys all things related to basketball and sneakers. In his spare time he enjoys working out and learning as much as he can about his two previously stated interests. Phillip is excited for this year’s HSMUN and knows that we will all make the best out of our current situation.


Celine Caruso Dixon 

Celine is a third year Political Science student with a passion for social justice work within minority communities. This is Celine’s first year with HSMUN however, Celine has previous experience in debating from her time on the University of Alberta Debate team and experiences in High School debate clubs. Celine, when not doing homework or working, is the president for the University of Alberta’s Black Students’ Association, sits on a number of councils in the University of Alberta, and runs her own organization called ZION. ZION is a space for minority youths to explore their creative side with local and internationally established minority creatives. 


Rian Hoyle

Rian is a first year political science student entering her 4th year with HSMUN, 3 as a delegate & first year as a volunteer. Besides being a huge MUN nerd Rian is also a fanatic for history, music, & cows (ask her about her ceramic cow collection)! When she’s not playing Among Us or Minecraft you’ll find Rian doing pretty much anything but her homework, she especially likes watching comedy specials, baking cakes during Zoom calls, and spending way too much time on Twitter. Rian is super excited for HSMUN 2021 and can’t wait to meet everyone!


Manveer Chauhan

 Manveer is a first year student in the BSc program on his way pursuing his degree in Pharmacology. This is his fourth year at HSMUN, as in previous years he has done HSMUN in highschool. Being excited to volunteer with HSMUN, he hopes to bring everyone together this year at HSMUN and make it a blast. Manveer is also a car fanatic and if you start a conversation with him, he won’t stop, so watch out. Nonetheless, Manveer is thrilled for HSMUN 2021!