Conference Aides

Diplomatic Aide: Nicole Kosowan

This is Nicole’s 2nd conference with HSMUN, and her first year volunteering, and she is very excited! Nicole is a second-year Education student, with a major in Social Studies, and a minor in Drama. Nicole is very passionate about educating youth on current events, which is why she loves being apart of HSMUN. She can’t wait to see you in February!


Diplomatic Aide: Tyson Keddie

Tyson Keddie will be one of your Diplomatic Aides for this coming 2019 HSMUN Conference. A graduate of Old Scona, he is a first year Bachelor of Science student, minoring in Political Science, with a keen interest in international health development. He is currently a dual-sport athlete for the U of A Cross Country and Track team. In his spare time, he enjoys a good book, a long run, or a lively debate. Having attended Model United Nations conferences, as well as World Health Organization stimulations for the past three years, he is excited to be on the other side as a volunteer, instead of a delegate. The debates among peers and the innovation that students show in their ideas amaze him every time. Tyson is looking forward to an exciting and productive conference!


General Aide: Anjali Joshi

This is Anjali. She is in her first year of Political Science at the University of Alberta. She has completed two years of HSMUN in high school prior to becoming a general aide this year. She is looking forward to experiencing HSMUN from another perspective and helping people enjoy it as much as she did.


General Aide: Benjamin Roth

Ben is a third year Political Science major and Sociology minor at the University of Alberta. Ben participated as a delegate all three years of high school, and this is his first year volunteering. His hobbies include reading, writing, and drinking far more coffee than is strictly necessary. This year he is serving as a General Aide, and is hoping that he’ll be able to aid people with whatever they generally need.


General Aide: Hope Salim

Hope Salim is a fourth year Psychology student with a minor in International Studies. She wants to be a global citizen and is very excited to join the HSMUN team this year as a General Aide! In her spare time, Hope likes to watch and read anything related to superheroes (especially Marvel) and listen to instrumental music.


General Aide: Tyson Attia

This is Tyson. He is in his first year of Economics at the University of Alberta. He participated in the 2017 HSMUN as one of the delegate From McNally high school. He is looking forward to being a general aide and assisting people to create great environment.