Daily Delegate


During the conference, General Assembly Press Delegates will observe debate in a General Assembly committee (Legal, DISEC, SOCHUM, WHO, or ECOFIN) and will write an article for the HSMUN Newspaper, The Daily Delegate. General Assembly Press Delegates will be assigned one of our two selected media outlets to report on behalf of.

This year, General Assembly Press Delegates will also have the opportunity to host “Press Conferences” and “Media Scrums” to ask questions and influence committee debate. Press delegates can assume the political ideology of their media outlet and choose how they phrase their questions to other delegates and shape the public narrative of the committee they are assigned. 

Security Council Press:

For HSMUN 2022, Security Council Press Delegates will have a unique opportunity to influence debate by releasing live “Tweets” through our unique and live mock “HSMUN Twitter” feed during committee sessions. Security Council Press Delegates will also be provided with “insider” information into “current events” within certain countries’ landscapes that will foretell and help shape the crisis’ of the Security Councils. This information will be released slowly throughout the conference to give clues to those delegates with a keen eye for information.

In addition, Security Council Press Delegates will still represent a media outlet and will write one article per day for the HSMUN Newspaper, The Daily Delegate. Opportunities for “Press Conferences” and “Media Scrums” may also be available for Press Delegates to ask questions to representatives of the committee in order to help write their articles.

More Information:

Once registration is complete, those schools with students participating in Press will be assigned their news outlets and committees. Students will then be expected to produce a short position paper (1-2 pages + sources) outlining their outlet’s history and views, and how this relates to their given committee.

More information about this year’s news outlets will be found below as soon as the outlets are selected. Students are expected to conduct their own research as well.

Any questions regarding Press can be directed to We look forward to seeing you at this year’s conference!