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HSMUN’s Press Committee is changing this year! We invite delegates for the 2018 year to join and experience what the new Press Committee has to offer.

Press Delegates will be put in pairs and assigned to committee. Delegates will participate in committee by reporting on committee affairs, asking questions or interviewing delegates, and providing relevant HSMUN news updates. Pairs will write a total of 4 articles together throughout the conference which will be posted on our website.  After each article is written, Press delegates will also have the opportunity report the news other HSMUN committees.

Just as regular committee delegates are assigned a country to research and represent, Press delegates will be assigned a news outlet to research and represent. This year’s news outlet will be Al Jazeera! Press delegates are expected to report news in the same style, and with the same biases, as would Al Jazeera.

Prior to the conference, Press delegates are expected to write a position paper that states the views and position of the assigned news outlet, and the outlet’s views on the topics presented in the committee.  These views should be thoroughly researched and discussed in the position paper.