Daily Delegate

Welcome to Press!

This year, students taking part in the Press committee will be reporting from one of two news outlets: BBC (UK) and Fox News (USA).

Students in the Press committee will be assigned to a committee and produce 3-4 articles over the course of the conference, reporting from the perspective of their given news outlet. Articles will be published in HSMUN’s newspaper, the Daily Delegate.

Once registration is complete, those schools with students participating in Press will be assigned their news outlets and committees. Students will then be expected to produce a short position paper (1-2 pages + sources) outlining their outlet’s history and views, and how this relates to their given committee.

More information about this year’s news outlets can be found here. Students are expected to conduct their own research as well:


Fox News (USA)

Any questions regarding Press can be directed to We look forward to seeing you at this year’s conference!