Press and Media Staff

Britney Trieu

Britney is a first-year Business student, fifth-year HSMUN participant. This is her second year of being on Press and Media for HSMUN, and she will be taking pictures once again. She is looking forward to meeting everyone at the conference.


Caroline Huang


Jacob Mellick

Jacob Mellick is a third-year undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science who loves good movies, good music, and good debate.


Rachel Wang

Rachel is currently a 3rd year science student majoring in Pharmacology and wanting to minor in Film-Making, Directing and Cinematography but unfortunately, we don’t have these options here. Also to clarify before anyone asks if she can get you some drugs: Rachel isn’t in the pharmacy program so that’ll be a no from her 🙁 but she’ll be glad to direct you to some ibuprofen :). She has participated in HSMUN twice as a delegate. Rachel loves Marvel films so it’s without surprise that she loves Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. The main fun fact however is that Rachel is basically married to Sebastian Stan so if someone could tell him, that’d be great so the wedding planning can start. If you see her around, give her your best ‘Mr. Stark I don’t feel so good’ face and she’ll make sure to capture you disintegrating into dust at the snap of the shutter!


Reem Almawed

Reem is a second year student in the Faculty of Pharmacy. The 2019 conference will be her first time volunteering for HSMUN and she is excited to serve as a member of the Press and Media team. After experiencing her first conference when she was in high school, Reem had come to love the passion that all of the delegates and staff had brought with them to HSMUN. She is honored to be granted the opportunity of playing a role in capturing this very excitement through the Press and Media team this year. In her spare time, Reem likes to do anything that pushes her to be creative. Reem has great hopes that this year’s conference will be just as unforgettable as the one she attended as a high school student, and looks forward to meeting the delegates and attendees.


Sympa Cesar