Registration 2019

Step 1: Preliminary Information


Our conference has reached maximum capacity and as such we are not accepting any new delegates or schools.
  • Once you have completed delegate registration, an invoice will be issued to the teacher email provided.
  • You will NOT  be emailed your school’s country assignments until we receive your cheque (addressed to: University of Alberta High School Model United Nations).
  • Once we receive your school’s cheque, country assignments will be emailed to the teacher email provided at the time of registration.

It is up to the ORGANIZING TEACHER to organize their students into their respective committees.

Step 2 (CLOSED):

To begin registration please fill out teacher contact information by going here.

Step 3 (CLOSED):

To register delegate teams please click here.

Step 4:

To accept the terms and conditions of participating in HSMUN click here.

Step 5:

All registration fees should be sent to HSMUN in the form of one signed cheque with the correct amount of fees indicated (addressed to: University of Alberta High School Model United Nations). Students wishing to apply for fee waivers can find the application under the ‘Resources’ tab of our website.

Step 6 (For Delegates Only):

This step should be completed only after teacher registration has been completed and they have received a final invoice from us.   Fill out this registration form here.

HSMUN 2019 Country Matrix

*NOTE: Countries labelled ‘X’ have been confirmed and will be present in committee.  This list will be updated as more delegates are confirmed.*