Secretary-General: Azan Esmail

Azan is a fourth-year Political Science and Economics student at the University of Alberta. This will be Azan’s 7th year with HSMUN, three years as a delegate and now four years as a volunteer. So you can say that Azan knows a fair bit about this conference. He loves to discuss anything politics, but he is particularly interested in the ways some democracies thrive and others fail, so feel free to chat/debate with him. Azan enjoys watching movies and eating popcorn, (but the two don’t have to be done together). He also struggles with meme culture and understanding pop culture references. Azan intends to make HSMUN 2020 stand out from the rest, so be on the lookout for cool new additions to this year’s conference.

Director-General: Jin Seo Kim  

Jin Seo is in her third year of her Psychology major and Sociology minor at the University of Alberta. This is her 5th year with HSMUN, starting as a delegate for Iraq and South Korea in high school. As a volunteer, she has served as a general aide and USG Logistics. She is extremely excited to be returning to the Secretariat as the Director-General, and looks forward to another unforgettable conference! She loves to sing and binge-watch The Office in between her daily naps. If you have any memes or vine references, be sure to find her during the conference! She wishes all delegates and staff the best for the upcoming conference, and will see you at the conference (especially on the dance floor) in February!

Under-Secretary-General Dias: Ethan Edstrom 

Ethan is a second year student who is studying Biological Sciences with a minor in Political Sciences at the University of Alberta. This is his fifth year with HSMUN, and second as a volunteer. In the past, Ethan has participated in several different committees, ranging from beginner level committees to Security Council in his last year, and is excited to be a part of the Secretariat this year. In his free time, Ethan is often either playing or watching hockey, and will gladly argue about NHL roster moves with anyone who will listen. In the future, Ethan intends to travel as much as possible and pursue a career in something he is passionate about.

Under-Secretary-General Finance: Samir Esmail

Samir is currently in his fourth-year of university, studying Finance and economics at the University of Alberta. This will be his seventh year with HSMUN participating all 3 years in high school and volunteering every year in university. Although he is a business student and has never taken a political science class in his life, Samir is extremely passionate about global politics.

Under-Secretary-General Press & Media: Gabrielle Potvin

Gabby is a fourth-year Arts student double-majoring in Linguistics and German. HSMUN (specifically, Press) has been a part of her life since high school – her second year as USG Press & Media (and sixth overall) will also be her last with the conference. She has been fortunate enough to see Press & Media through many amazing changes since her first HSMUN, and looks forward to seeing what comes about in future years. In her “free time”, she plays the saxophone, enjoys video games and tabletop RPGs, and tries not to think about The Future™. She’s more than happy to answer any questions about Press & Media, languages, and/or her Marvel Hot Takes. She wishes everyone a marvelous HSMUN 2020, and thanks everyone who made the past six years so incredible!

Under-Secretary-General Foreign Policy:  Cara Au

Cara Au is excited to return for her second year as Under-Secretary General Foreign Policy. This is her third year with HSMUN after being an FPA lin 2018. Cara is excited to see the heated debate and funky dance moves at the 2020 conference! She has previously participated in SUNIA and Berlin Model United Nations as a delegate. Cara is a third year Social Work student at the University of Calgary. She loves clarinet, snowboarding, and bubble tea.

Under-Secretary-General Foreign Policy:  Csongor Szepesvari

Csongor is in his third year, now studying political science at the U of A. This is his 4th year with HSMUN, having experience as both a delegate and FPA. As a USG FPA Csongor is busy writing foreign policy and designing the FSC. In his spare time he plays soccer and various games, as well as likes to catch up on politics and a variety of engineering projects. In the future Csongor would like to bring the world of politics together with the world of computer science.

Under-Secretary-General Logistics: Navya Baradi

Navya Baradi is in her second year at the University of Alberta and majors in Business Law and Economics with a minor in Political Science. This is her 5th year of HSMUN and loves it more and more every year. She participated in the conference as a delegate for 3 years and this is her second year as a volunteer. One of her favourite aspects of the conference is the passion delegate have for the countries they represent. Apart from being interested in politics, Navya loves to dance so get ready for a great time at the banquet! If you need a break from talking politics she will gladly discuss music (bonus if it’s hip hop), love of travelling, and the necessity of David Attenborough’s voice for any nature documentary. Navya is excited to see what this year’s HSMUN conference will have in store!