Menasha Nikhanj

Menasha is currently the Director of Integrated Community Safety and Director of Engagement and Strategy with the Government of Alberta, Justice and Solicitor General, working in the area of Public Security.  She received her Bachelors of Social Work from the University of Regina, Masters of Science in Organizational Development and Leadership, has certifications in Appreciative Inquiry, Interview and Statement Analysis.  She worked in the area of delivering direct front line services in Children’s services for 4 years and then spent close to 17 years with the Edmonton Police Service in a Joint initiative with Children’s services and EPS.  She has a written lesson plans around interviewing children as well facilitated training for police and children’s services staff on interviewing for about 5 years.  She has been with government for 31 years.  She also completes HR reviews for organizations and has a passion around the area of leadership – both formal and informal.
Menasha attended Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok Thailand on a Rotary Scholarship for Peace and Conflict Studies from Jun to Aug 2019 and is now a Rotary Peace Fellow.  She was the only Canadian in Class 27 and attend the course with 20 others from 16 different countries.  Menasha continues to present about her Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies to Rotary clubs in and around Edmonton