Founded by Dr. Andy Knight in 2002, the High School Model United Nations (HSMUN) strives to provide students in high school with an educational opportunity to develop a sense of global citizenship and maximize their self-growth. By participating in the HSMUN conference, students gain confidence in public speaking, diplomacy, and policy creation. Through involvement in committee debates, students are able to network with other passionate and driven high school students from throughout Alberta. They also gain an appreciation for the crucial role of the United Nations in combatting real-world issues than threats.

The Conference is held at the University of Alberta Campus, and is run entirely by University student volunteers. For some delegates, HSMUN is the first time they set foot on the UofA campus. For many, it is their first introduction to the University that they will call home during their future Undergraduate education and beyond. The UofA is an integral piece of HSMUN’s identity, and our volunteers are proud to welcome over 500 high school student delegates to campus each year.