Understand Global Interactions

Model United Nations proceedings are a tremendous way of exposing students to the fundamentals of international relations and global governance. More than 90% of delegates to the 2012 HSMUN conference agreed or strongly agreed that their “understanding of the United Nations and international affairs was improved by the conference.”

Critical Debate, Cooperative Solutions

HSMUN offers an opportunity for students from many different schools and backgrounds to work together to tackle complicated issues of an international scope. In drafting position papers, engaging in deliberations, and collaborating through resolution building, delegates are challenged both to think on their feet, and to sufficiently research their given topics.

An Engaging Experience

Given the track record of the conference as offering a compelling simulation of world affairs, it is no surprise that students respond very positively to the High School Model United Nations. More than four in five of the grade ten and eleven delegates to HSMUN 2012 agreed that they would “consider attending HSMUN again in the future.”

It is also worth noting that an ever-increasing proportion of the conference volunteer staff is composed of past participants. If you have any questions about your experiences with conferences of past years, or with regards to HSMUN, please send us an email at hsmun@ualberta.ca.

One thought on “Why HSMUN?

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