Committee Staff


Chair: Manvinder Lalh

Manny is a 5th year Materials Engineering Co-op student at the University of Alberta. This will be Manny’s 8th year at HSMUN and 5th as a volunteer. Manny represented Brazil, New Zealand and Russia on the Historical Security Council twice and the Security Council once respectively for Lillian Osborne. As a volunteer Manny has served as a Chair and Vice Chair for DISEC and a Chair for the Security Council. Other than Model UN, Manny likes watching hockey, soccer, and the NFL. Feel free to talk to Manny about Engineering, University, Music, the UN and anything else you can think of. He hopes to represent the head of a very approachable Dias and is excited to meet all of the delegates for the upcoming HSMUN conference!

Vice Chair: Joel White

Joel is a second-year English major at the University of Alberta. This is his fifth year of HSMUN, having already spent three years as a delegate and one as a volunteer. He enjoys micro-analyzing the most minute parts of a person’s choice of vocabulary, and he especially loves dry and uncomfortable humour. Having no idea what he’d like to do with his prospective bachelor’s degree, he’d love it if you could provide him with any ideas, along with your favorite instance of George W. Bush mangling the English language.

FPA: Adam Elmay

Adam is a 3rd year Computing Sciences student in his fifth year with HSMUN since he started as a delegate in 2015. In his spare time, Adam mainly reads, codes and watches anime, but he tries to go hiking and explore the mountains when he can. He is always willing to have a long conversation about anything that comes to mind, so come chat with him if you get the chance!

FPA: Chiara Concini

Chiara is studying political science and history at the University’s French campus, the Faculté Saint-Jean. After three years as a delegate, she is looking forward to being back at HSMUN for her fourth year! Chiara is involved in student government and is currently serving as the VP First Year of the Faculté Saint-Jean’s student association. When she’s not practicing her French, Chiara can be found playing basketball, reading John Grisham books, or watching the Great British Bake Off. She can’t wait for HSMUN 2021!


Chair: Cara Au

Cara is a fourth year Bachelor of Social Work student with aspirations to work in international development, environmental sustainability, and Indigenous rights. This is her fourth year with HSMUN and she is excited for her first time as a committee chair. Previously Cara spent two years as Under-Secretary-General Foreign Policy and she is looking forward to stepping back from conference planning and getting into the heat of debate this year. Cara lives for snowboarding and her sophisticated interests include attending the opera and obsessing over the Bachelorette.

Vice Chair: Daisy Brazil

Daisy is a second year Drama student minoring in Polictical Science. This is her fifth year participating in HSMUN, having spent 3 years as a delegate in high school, and now 2 years as a volunteer. In her free time, Daisy loves cooking, watching the same three movies over and over again, and having one-person dance parties in her bedroom because COVID lockdown is starting to get to her. Come talk to her about Canadian politics, musicals, Jane Austen novels, or anything you can think of! She is thrilled to be a part of this year’s HSMUN and can’t wait to get to know all the delegates!

FPA: Hailey Lothamer

Hailey is in the second year of her degree in Political Science with a minor in Spanish language and culture. With her degree, she hopes to explore more about politics surrounding immigration and refugees, particularly within the context of the European Union. This will be her third year with HSMUN, and previously she has spent one year as a delegate and another as a volunteer. Her passions include reading, travelling (hopefully one day again in the post-COVID world), and spending time with her dog. 

FPA: Nicholas Mellon

Nicholas is in his first year of the Neuroscience program at the UofA. He was a delegate for two years in High school, and is very excited to be involved with HSMUN as a first time volunteer. In addition to HSMUN, Nicholas likes to participate in student activism through the Canadian Blood Services Youth Committee. In his free time, Nicholas will be found at a soccer field, or keeping up with the most recent United States political and economic drama. Online or not, he is excited to meet everyone at this year’s HSMUN!


Chair: Ethan Lecavalier-Kidney

Ethan is a third year Political Science student minoring in Economics and Chinese. This is Ethan’s sixth year at HSMUN and second as a volunteer. As a delegate Ethan represented Ukraine in WHO, South Africa in FSU and the DPRK in Disec where he co sponsored and passed a resolution with the RoK.  When Ethan isn’t drafting policy for the provincial government, you can find him getting closer to nature and the environment. Ethan is excited to chair UNEP and is looking forward to a great conference.

Vice Chair: Sama Dawood

Sama is a 2nd year Chemical Engineering CPC Co-op student, although she should probably be in the Arts. This is her 5th year with HSMUN and her second year of volunteering, so she’s thrilled to witness what diplomatic chaos may ensue this year! Sama is passionate about helping her community as she is also a member of the Engineering Students’ Society and the Chemical Engineering Students Society. In her free time, Sama loves to paint, sing, draw, create characters and watch anime. Sama hopes that she can put her interests to use and become an animator one day. She’s sure that HSMUN 2021 will be an interesting, yet amazing experience!

FPA: Devshri Lala

Devshri is currently a second year student, majoring in Biological Sciences. Although this is her first year volunteering with HSMUN, she has had the chance to attend SUNIA and other UN related conferences. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing the piano, going on hikes, and spending time with her friends and family. She is ecstatic to meet all the delegates of HSMUN 2021 and is looking forward to working with all of you!

FPA: Rachel Chandra

Rachel is a second year neuroscience student. In her sophomore year of high school she served as a delegate in the DISEC committee. This is her first time as a volunteer with HSMUN. When she’s not studying, Rachel can be found at soccer practice, volunteering for various clubs on campus, watching Naruto, or walking her (super cute) dog named Cookie. Rachel loves meeting new people, so feel free to strike up a conversation. She is very excited for HSMUN 2021!


Chair: Garth MacDonald

Garth is a 2nd year political science major and international relations minor. This is his 5th year working with HSMUN and second as a volunteer. Garth is interested in all things history, religion and basketball. Garth likes to spend his time playing video games and spends way too much of his time either on Youtube or crying about his Knicks. He’s excited to see what ideas DISEC can come up this year and is hyped to make this one of the best years yet!

Vice Chair: Jensen McCauley

Jensen is in his fourth year of his Bachelor of Arts with a double major in political science and history. This will be his third year of HSMUN, where he was twice a delegate (coincidentally, also on DISEC) and his first time as a volunteer. In his spare time, he likes to read comics, play video games, and procrastinate doing his assignments. Like all political science majors, he follows Canadian and American politics, so if you have any questions (or want to hear any of his hot takes) feel free to talk with him. He’ll be finishing his final exams of the year in the last couple of weeks before the conference, so he’s looking forward to sending his undergrad off with a bang.

FPA: Daniel Zamoyski

Daniel is a first-year student majoring in the love of his life—economics. Being an amateur geopolitics and history buff with three years of MUN experience, Daniel loves HSMUN and is an excited first-time volunteer. He loves spending time looking at Google Street View, spending money on fountain pens, and spending calories on river valley runs. Generally, he prefers blogs/articles over podcasts, but can appreciate the value of a good interview podcast—books are good too. Daniel is excited for HSMUN 2021 and beyond!

FPA: Winnie Guo

Winnie is a first-year student majoring in Sociology and minoring in International Relations. This will be her third year of participating in HSMUN and first year as a volunteer, she’s super excited to get behind the scenes of this amazing conference! In her free time, Winnie does cheerleading and is on the University of Alberta cheer team! She also loves travelling and exploring new places and hopes to eventually go to all of the Disneylands in the world! Winnie is really excited about HSMUN 2021 and looks forward to meeting everyone!


Chair: Abigail Isaac

Abby is a third year honours Political Science minoring in Economics, and is now in her fifth year with HSMUN. She was a delegate for two years, and volunteered for three as a former foreign policy advisor for the Security Council and Vice-Chair of Legal. She’s particularly interested in international law and policy surrounding refugees and stateless communities, and she has attended SUNIA and participated as a delegate at the National Model United Nations conference in New York as part of her passion for IR! Abby loves a good thrifting session, drinking an irresponsible amount of mango bubble tea, and writing, but most importantly, is really looking forward to HSMUN 2021!  

Vice-Chair: Simran Dhillon

FPA: Jonathan George

Jonathan is a third year student in the School of Business making his second dip into the wonderful world of HSMUN!! After volunteering for HSMUN 2020 as an aide, he’s excited to get down into what is sure to be the hottest committee of this year’s conference: WHO! When he’s not presenting cases or playing GBA rom-hacks, you can be sure he’s keeping up to date with the latest geopolitical gossips of the day. Reading up on history is also a passion, because you just never know when you’ll have to riff off all the successive Chinese dynasties or get into a heated debate about which royal families hold the best claim to the Kingdom of Jerusalem. He’s excited to welcome all delegates to this year’s HSMUN!

FPA: Ava Milne-Epp

Ava is in her first year of engineering at the U of A. She spent two years as a delegate in high school, and this is her first year volunteering. Although she is currently spending most of her time doing math, Ava also loves reading, cuddling with her dog, and knitting funky sweaters. She’s looking forward to this year’s HSUN conference, and seeing what kind of unique and memorable experiences await! 


Chair: Navya Baradi

Navya is a third year Strategic Management and Organization major and Business Economics minor. She loved participating in HSMUN as a high school student so much that she was an FPA in her first year, USG-Logistics in her second year, and now back as a Chair! Beyond MUN related things, she loves music, dance, politics, and cheesy puns. But most importantly, she can’t wait for HSMUN 2021 🙂 

Vice Chair: Anjali Joshi

Anjali is a third year Criminology major. This is her fifth year participating in HSMUN, and third year of volunteering! In her spare time she loves to watch true crime documentaries, and read classics! She is really looking forward to this year’s HSMUN and is super excited to meet everyone whether it is online or in person! 

FPA: Basma Ahmad

Basma is in her second year of her Bachelor’s Degree in General Sciences at the University of Alberta. This is her fourth year with HSMUN, twice as a delegate and twice as a volunteer. Basma likes to spend her free time watching movies, psychology documentaries and playing among us. Basma is looking forward to this year’s conference and the amazing memories that will be made with delegates and fellow volunteers. She is very excited for this year’s HSMUN!

FPA: Ada Wright

Ada is currently in her third year of studying Political Science and Economics. This is Ada’s first year volunteering with HSMUN however she has no lack of previous experience after having the chance to attend SUNIA as well as being a member of the University of Alberta’s national MUN team this last year (though we won’t talk about their cancelled New York trip, damn you COVID!). When Ada isn’t stressing over what the hell an Engel curve is or passionately debating over which political philosopher was more annoying, you can find her baking, reading, or still struggling to get into running as a hobby. Ada is sure this year will be an interesting and, no doubt, unforgettable HSMUN and is looking forward to working with all the incoming delegates and their creative solutions! 


Chair: Grace Li

Grace is a fourth-year honours political science student minoring in history, and this is her fifth year with HSMUN. She was a delegate for two years and has volunteered as the vice-chair of the Security Council, and also chaired the Legal Council last year. Aside from HSMUN, Grace has attended SUNIA and is an assistant-director for the 2021 National Model United Nations conference in New York. Grace enjoys following American electoral politics and making small talk, so feel free to chat with her about anything from the 2021 presidential election to your favourite Drake song. Most of all, Grace is looking forward to a great HSMUN 2021, and hopes you are too! 

Vice Chair: Ashwini Gadtoula

Ashwini is in her third year of a political science major and an international studies minor. She was a delegate all three years of high school and is now entering into her third year as a volunteer with HSMUN. HSMUN was one of the things that steered Ashwini towards her interest in public policy and international relations. While she’s not busy with school, Ashwini enjoys online shopping, rewatching The Devil Wears Prada for the 100th time or building her dream penthouse for her Sim. She hopes everyone attending HSMUN this year is able to make the most of it, despite the circumstances! 

FPA: Maya Nagorski

Maya is a first-year Immunology and Infection student at the University of Alberta, and a first time HSMUN volunteer. She was a delegate all throughout high school, participating in both UNODC and SOCHUM. Her interests are reading, writing, and public speaking. She also plays in probably too many Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. She’s extremely excited to help with this year’s conference, and make it memorable for every single delegate!

FPA: Hamza Mandour

Hamza is in his final year of studies as a Business Economics and Law major with a minor in Finance. He has two years of experience as a delegate and two more as a volunteer with HSMUN. When he’s not studying or at work, Hamza enjoys picking heavy things up and putting them back down and working on anything with an engine with his friends. He’s looking forward to an interesting new way of running the conference and hopes the delegates are too!