Committee Staff


Chair: Katlyn Kichko

Katlyn Kichko is currently enrolled in her fourth year of an Honors History degree with a complementary minor in Political Science, and is presently conducting her thesis research. Katlyn’s research focuses on late seventeenth century English coffeehouse milieu and the political implications of gendered space, utilizing print media such as news-letters, newspapers, and handwritten manuscripts. Katlyn hopes to pursue this research further in graduate school next year. This is Katlyn’s fourth year with HSMUN; she participated as a delegate in her senior year of High School representing Germany in Legal Committee and has volunteered as a Diplomatic Aide, Vice Chair of WHO, and Chair of SOCHUM. She has also participated in several conferences in which she represented Denmark in the UNHCR, Czechoslovakia in the Paris Peace Conference of 1917, and the United Kingdom in Security Council. When Katlyn is not engaging in the world of academe, she edits the Constellations Journal and peer reviews for the Spectrum Journal here on campus. She also religiously follows British politics. Katlyn is looking forward to Chairing Security Council 2020.

Vice Chair: Garth MacDonald

Garth is a first-year history student at the University of Alberta. This will be Garth’s fourth year at HSMUN and his first as a volunteer. Garth loves geography and could probably spend hours looking at maps. It just so happens he does, as the strategy games he plays often occupy most of his free time. Be sure to show Garth your favourite tiktoks as he aims to make this years Security Council the best one yet.

FPA: Joel White

Joel is a first year Political Science major at the University of Alberta. This is his fourth year of HSMUN, having previously represented Lithuania, France, pre-communist China, and Iran. Politics and history from around the world, but especially those of the Middle East, are the areas of academia that most interest him. He loves trivia, being with his dog, baking, listening to podcasts, and cleaning. Also, he has been searching for over a year for anyone to talk to Attack on Titan about, so if anyone else loves AOT share with him why it is the greatest show of all time.

FPA: Jenna Mulji

Jenna Mulji is a fourth year student, majoring in Biology and minoring in Drama. She was a delegate for two years in high school, and this is her fourth year volunteering with HSMUN. She loves reading, writing poetry, watching movies and plant shopping! She also loves meeting new people, so if you ever want to talk to her about (literally) anything make sure you hit her up. She is so incredibly excited to be a part of the conference this year, and can’t wait to meet everyone participating this year!


Chair: Tayem Abdel

Tayem is currently in his fourth year of his Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, working on his cognitive neuroscience thesis research alongside his volunteer involvements on campus. He loves HSMUN with an intense passion, having been with the program for 6 years now as a delegate, Vice Chair, Under-Secretary General of Foreign Policy, and the Secretary General of the conference in its most recent (and greatest) year. He is beyond thrilled to serve as the Chair for this committee in his last year of this degree, as he has been with the Future Security Council since its inception back in 2017, serving as the Vice Chair at the time, and continues to be impressed by delegates’ crazy innovation with increasingly wild questions and even wilder debate topics. He is also the President of NeurAlbertaTech, the U of A’s neurotechnology student group and international competition team. He volunteers with the Stollery Youth Committee and the Students’ Union as an Events Crew Leader and a Team Facilitator. Outside of his volunteering Tayem enjoys creating videos and highly relevant HSMUN memes, and trying out the newest technologies available for PC gaming and just general procrastination from assignments.

Vice Chair: Ethan Franz

Ethan is a first year student in the engineering program. It is his third year of HSMUN, for the first time as a volunteer. His interest in FSC began with his first year as a delegate, participating in that year’s FSC. International relations have always interested Ethan, and his decision to start with HSMUN were born from a desire to gain a better understanding of what shapes the processes by which international relations operate. In his free time Ethan enjoys curling, skiing, debate and music. 

FPA: Basma Ahmad

Basma is currently a first year student at the University of Alberta. This is Basma’s fourth year participating in HSMUN, as a delegate and now as an FPA. Basma is especially interested in the Future Security Council because of how exciting it gets and believes that those who are in the FSC are the luckiest delegates. Her interests include (but are certainly not limited to) The Office, Instagram memes and traveling. Basma is very excited to be a part of the HSMUN team and can’t wait for everyone to have an amazing time, and maybe learn a thing or two. 

FPA: Shridhar Patel

Shridhar is currently in his fourth year at the University taking Political Sciences Honours with a History minor. He loves HSMUN so much, he has been doing it since Grade 11, and so this will be his 6th year with the organization both as a delegate and a volunteer. He is especially interested in the international relations side of political science and has volunteered exclusively as an FPA during his entire tenure as a volunteer. Outside of HSMUN, Shridhar loves watching hockey, playing video games, and of course, talking about politics. Feel free to approach him to talk about any of the above, including how the Oilers are doing this season!


Chair: Andrew Li

Andrew is a second year Biological Sciences Student who is starting his fifth year with HSMUN. Last year he served as an FPA on the Futuristic Security Council and is looking forward to working with a bigger committee and meeting new faces. For the past 6 years Andrew’s travelled around North America speaking and debating on global issues, including a youth conference organized by the United Nations in New York. Outside of HSMUN, Andrew spends his time as a hockey referee and also serves as the Executive Director of Youreka Canada, a non-profit scientific research organization. It goes without saying that he is passionate about youth empowerment and being screamed at by all walks of life. Andrew is looking forward to a fun conference full of lively debate and many, many memes.


Vice Chair: Dawson Dupree

Dawson is fourth year Earth and Atmospheric Science Student. This is Dawson’s fifth year with HSMUN with three years as a delegate and returning for his second year as a volunteer. Last year Dawson was one of the FPAs of WHO and had a great time with his amazing dias and delegates. This year Dawson is excited to be on the environmental side of HSMUN, one of his  main interests. In his free time Dawson enjoys Rock Climbing, Cooking, Reading, and trying to forget about the crushing pressure of life after university.

FPA: William Bbossa

William is a First year student currently Enrolled in the faculty of arts doing a major in Economics, however,is planning to move to the Faculty of Business to study Finance in the University Of Alberta. William is an International student who did high school in Kenya, East Africa. There he participated in 1 Middle School MUN conference as a Delegate, and in 2 East African MUN as an Ambassador and as a representative of the special summit committee. This is William’s first time as a volunteer and his first HSMUN conference in Canada, of which he is very excited to be involved in. Beyond academics, William mostly spends his time going to the gym, Playing the piano and Listening to music as a means of release from the stresses of uni life. He is looking forward to meeting those who will attend this year’s conference. 

FPA: Naomi Caufield

Naomi is a first year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta’s Campus Saint-Jean. She participated in HSMUN all three years of high school in SOCHUM, HRC and FSC respectively. This is Naomi’s first year as a volunteer and she is thrilled to meet all the delegates this year! In the past, she has participated in SUNIA and the Youth Assembly at the United Nations. Outside of academics, Naomi enjoys dancing and photography.


Chair: Manvinder Lalh (Manny)

Manny is a 4th year Materials Engineering Co-op student at the University of Alberta. This will be Manny’s 7th year at HSMUN and 4th as a volunteer. Manny represented Brazil, New Zealand and Russia on the Historical Security Council twice and the Security Council once respectively for Lillian Osborne. As a volunteer Manny has served as a vice chair for DISEC and a Chair for the Security Council. Other than Model UN, Manny likes watching hockey, soccer, and the NFL. Feel free to talk to Manny about Engineering, University, Music (of which he claims to be an aficionado), the UN and anything else you can think of. He hopes to represent the head of a very approachable Dias and is excited to meet all of the delegates for the upcoming HSMUN conference!

Vice Chair: Cesar Romero Bringaz

Cesar is in his 4th year majoring in the Psychology Specialization program. His interest in the human psyche and how we as humans function together is one of his major interests which is why he loves involving himself with people. Cesar is always willing to lend a hand and as the current Vice Chair in DISEC he encourages people to ask questions and come to him for help. Aside from specializing in psychology, he also specializes in cringe so be ready for that. Jokes aside, his interests center around languages (currently learning his fourth language), playing his guitar, videogames and procrastinating important deadlines. When he is not studying, he is probably busy learning something useless on YouTube that he will never use such as music theory, random facts about AI development or videos insulting things that he likes. This is his third year with HSMUN and while he regrets not starting earlier, he is willing to make each year better than the last.

FPA: Ashwini Gadtoula

Ashwini is a second year student at the University of Alberta with a Political Science major and an Economics minor. In the time that she should be doing her papers or readings for class, she can be found re-watching Derry Girls on Netflix or scrolling through twitter or sometimes doing both at the same time. She is really excited to actually do something productive with her free time, thanks to HSMUN! This will be Ashwini’s second year as a volunteer. Before that, she attended as a delegate for three years. She had lots of fun as a delegate, making great friends, learning a great deal about international relations and the importance of being knowledgeable about current world affairs. An advice she would like to impart to delegates is to know your foreign policy, put yourself out of your comfort zone but most importantly, have a great time! 

FPA: Hailey Lothamer

Hailey is a first-year political science student minoring in Spanish at the University of Alberta. This is only her second year participating in HSMUN, having represented Saudi Arabia the previous year as a high school student, and 2020 will be her first time as a volunteer. In addition to having the time of her life at HSMUN, she also attended SUNIA in 2018. Hailey is passionate about history, particularly history of the 19th and 20th century, and loves to learn about how the past has shaped present-day politics. She holds deep affection for Eastern European politics, the Peaky Blinders, and of course her Hogwarts House #Slytherin. In her spare time, Hailey reads everything she can get her hands on, survives on dark chocolate and black coffee, and enjoys travelling and learning about other cultures. 


Chair: Abigail Stosky

     Abigail is currently in her fifth and final year of a double major at the UofA studying biology, psychology, and biological research. When she’s not studying, Abigail enjoys reading, playing the piano, and playing with her dog Rocky (of whom she has way too many pictures of, and will enthusiastically show you all of them if you’re interested). She’s also a huge nerd, and loves talking about all things geeky. So, if you want to discuss the latest Star Wars movie, or debate the finer points of Hogwarts Houses (#Hufflepuff4eva), look her up! Abigail is a pretty friendly person, so feel free to ask her any and all questions you have about University, HSMUN, or life in general. This is Abigail’s sixth Model UN simulation, having participated in HSMUN, SUNIA, and eWHO throughout high school and university. The WHO is a committee near and dear to her heart, and she is extremely honoured to return as the WHO Chair for HSMUN 2020. Abigail is very excited about this year’s conference and she hopes all delegates are ready for a truly unforgettable experience. Let the debates begin!

Vice-Chair: Daisy Brazil

Daisy is a first-year student at the University of Alberta, studying Drama and minoring in Political Science. She was a delegate at HSMUN for all three years of high school (representing Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Ethiopia respectively) and attended SUNIA in 2017, so she is absolutely thrilled to be able to bring all her MUN experience as a volunteer for the first time! In her (minimal) free time, Daisy sings in a choir, occasionally does improv, periodically writes plays, and re-watches the same few movies over and over again. Feel free to chat with her about international politics, theatre, Jane Austen, Tegan and Sara, and anything HSMUN-related – or maybe don’t, because once she starts talking about any of those things she might never stop. Either way, she is incredibly excited for the conference this year and looks forward to meeting everyone in her council and making HSMUN 2020 one to remember!

FPA: Victoria Wright

Victoria is a first-year student studying Biological Science. She was a HSMUN delegate for three years: once on Security Council and twice on Future Security Council – as Japan, Uruguay, and Israel. Other than Model United Nations, Victoria travelled to Ottawa to participate in federal politics simulations and work with engaged youth from across Canada. Volunteering extensively during the recent provincial election, Victoria organized an all-candidates forum for both the Sherwood Park and Strathcona-Sherwood Park constituencies. After classes, labs, and studying, Victoria can be found working for the Legislative Assembly Office, volunteering on a variety of youth committees, organizing summer camps, teaching swimming lessons, or playing sports such as basketball and volleyball. She is keenly interested in encouraging youth to be engaged in politics, so feel free to discuss and debate any topics of interest with her! Victoria can’t wait to meet you at HSMUN 2020, and hope you enjoy it as much as she did!

FPA: Benjamin Roth

Ben is in his fourth year majoring in political science and minoring in sociology. He participated in HSMUN all through high school, first on DISEC and then on the Security Council and finally on the Historical Security Council dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis. This is his second year volunteering with HSMUN. Ben’s primary area of political interest is in international relations and the resulting implications for global security, although because of the broad nature of that field you can just bring up any kind of political issue to him. Outside of politics he is also interested in history and classical archaeology, and outside of school he enjoys drinking coffee, watching Netflix, and reading old detective novels. He also hopes that this conference will be as great as all the ones before it!


Chair: Ethan Lecavalier-Kidney

Ethan is a second year political science student minoring in economics. This is Ethan’s fifth year at HSMUN and second as a volunteer. As a delegate Ethan represented Ukraine in WHO, South Africa in FSU and the DPRK in Disec where he co sponsored and passed a resolution with the RoK. Ethan is excited to chair SOCHUM and is looking forward to a great conference. When Ethan isn’t making sure your dinner is to the highest standard at the Keg, you can find him reviewing movies on Letterboxd, commuting to and from school and attempting to follow global affairs.

Vice Chair: Emily Vandermeer.

Emily Vandermeer is a first year computer science student at North Campus. This will be Emily’s first year as a volunteer for HSMUN but her third year participating. She was in the Human Rights Council and the Future Security Council. She is looking forward to meeting everyone this year and having a blast role playing as UN representatives. When she is not helping out with HSMUN or reading about the news, Emily works as a swim instructor and volunteers with Girl Guides. She also loves to bake cookies and read fiction in her spare time. She wishes everyone a fantastic time at HSMUN 2020. 

FPA: Muskan Aggarwal

Muskan is a first-year Business Economics student at the U of A south campus Augustana. This will be Muskans 4th year with HSMUN and first year as a volunteer. She represented  EcoFin in her first year of high school and was in Future Security Council for the last two years. Muskan will be your Foreign Policy Advisor for your council this year. Aside from MUN Muskan loves to travel, procrastinate in everything and uses Netflix as an excuse for being preoccupied, and has an unhealthy obsession for Harry Potter #HouseSlytherin. Muskan is super outgoing, loves talking (meaning she never shuts up) and meeting new people. Please come up to her and say hi, because she hopes to get to know all of you by the end of the conference and jam at the banquet with y’all. May the best country win, jk just have fun debating guys! 

FPA: Simran Dhillon

 Simran is a second year science student majoring in psychology and minoring in biology. She was first introduced to HSMUN in grade 10 and then committed to participating in this amazing conference throughout the remaining years of her high school career. Simran is also a head delegate for the UAlberta National Model United Nations team, VP of delegate affairs for the Edmonton World Health Organization, the speech and debate coach for Harry Ainlay high school, and a member of UAlberta Students Union as a science councillor. Simran is also the founder and president of a national youth lead initiative called F.L.Y, which works towards providing creative opportunities to disadvantaged youth. Simran is enchanted by all things Marvel, a huge fan of both of the avengers movies, and is still miserably grieving the death of her role model, Iron Man. She is excited ‘3000’ to take part in HSMUN this year and to meet all of you wonderful delegates!


Chair: Grace Li

Grace is a third-year political science student minoring in history, and this is her fourth year with HSMUN. As a delegate, she represented the State of Palestine and the United States of America, in the legal committee and DISEC respectively, and last year, Grace volunteered as the vice-chair in the Security Council. Aside from HSMUN, Grace has attended SUNIA and the National Model United Nations conference in New York. In her spare time, Grace enjoys napping and watching the news, particularly as the U.S. campaign season continues to develop. Grace is big on small talk, so feel free to talk to her about anything from your favourite Democratic candidate to your favourite Drake song. Most of all, Grace is looking forward to a great HSMUN 2020, and hopes you are too! 

Vice Chair: Abigail Isaac

Abby is a second-year Political Science and Economics student at the University of Alberta. This is her fourth year with HSMUN, having participated in SOCHUM and the Security Council as a delegate, and volunteered as an FPA in Security Council 2019. Additionally, Abby has had the opportunity to attend SUNIA, and the National Model United Nations conference last year in New York City. Other interests of hers (aside from anything to do with international relations), include books by James Baldwin, 90s anything, and listening to her Ethiopian king – The Weeknd. She struggles with reconciling her desire to be a lawyer, and her acknowledgement of global systemic corruption. Besides that, you might see her around with the City of Edmonton Youth Council, or the University of Alberta’s Students’ Union, among some other things. She’s always up for a good conversation over some mango bubble tea, so feel free to come up and chat! 

FPA: Adam Elamy

Adam is a second-year Computing Sciences (CS) student at the University of Alberta. This is his fourth year with HSMUN, having previously been a delegate in Legal, ECOFIN and finally, Security Council where he represented China and Xi ‘The Pooh’ Jinping. When he is not procrastinating, Adam occasionally likes to study, but prefers trying new cuisines, coding and watching movies and anime. Despite his love of CS, Adam is also passionate about the brain and works part-time in a lab on computational neuroscience, where he applies CS to study biology. However, unlike the stereotypical CS student, Adam loves to talk and is looking forward to having some great conversations with you all at HSMUN 2020!

FPA: Hamza Mandour

Hamza is a third year Business Law and Economics student at the University of Alberta. This is his fourth year with HSMUN, having two years of experience as a delegate and another year as an FPA for DISEC. His main interests include things that go “zoom zoom” (don’t ask him about the University’s Formula SAE team), music (literally of almost any kind), moving heavy things in repetitive motions, and doing nothing while stressing about how much stuff he should be getting done. You’ll most likely find him at the library with a cup of starbucks (which he gets for free – work perks), or on the LRT wishing he was at home in a blanket.  Don’t shy away from Hamza if you have any questions about basically anything or if you just want to talk for a bit, he’s an open book. If you didn’t get the memo, just don’t mention cars, he won’t stop talking.