Dais Bios

Chair: Natalie Czuczman

Natalie is a second year Immunology and Infection student currently studying at the U of A. This is her second year chairing a counsel at HSMUN, but fourth year involved with the conference — woohoo! Outside of studying to become a professional hypochondriac, Natalie tries to keep up her volleyball skills and find time to watch Dwight Schrute wreak havoc in the legendary TV series, The Office. Feel free to stop and chat with Natalie any time during the conference, despite her exceptionally stoic and serious facade, she is actually quite personable.



Vice-Chair: Kevin Ma

Kevin Ma is currently a second year science student majoring in biological sciences. Outside of academics, Kevin enjoys working with youth in areas of STEM and showing them that no, science isn’t just memorizing odd facts punctuated by the odd explosion in a chemistry lab. You can often find Kevin reading the New York Times (he’s a Clinton supporter), learning how to make edible food, or rereading Harry Potter for the umpteenth time.  Kevin tries to live life with the belief that one must always assume complete responsibility for present and future circumstances without complaint. However, when the line for Panda Express gets too long, Kevin can’t help but mutter a few complaints under his breath.



Foreign Policy Advisor: Gavin Hughes

Good day ladies and gentlemen, I am Gavin Hughes and will be acting as the Foreign Policy Advisor (FPA) for the Security Council (2016-2017) for this year’s HSMUN simulation. As a first year political science student, I hold great interest and knowledge in the fields of the global politics the UN carries out. I specialize in the politics of Anglo-Saxon/commonwealth realm states, and have a firm understanding the foreign policies that are held by the so called “great powers”. Being a cadet I have extensive knowledge of military matters and history which will help make the simulation all the more real. I look forward to meeting with you and wish you all the best in preparing for the simulation.