Dais Bios

Chair: Karamveer Lalh

Karamveer is a fourth year biological sciences major with a minor in Political Science. Karamveer is the President of the Science Faculty Association: The Interdepartmental Science Student’s Society. He also serves on the Disciplinary, Interpretation, and Enforcement board at the Students’ Union. This is Karamveer’s fifth year participating with the conference, and third year as a dais staff member. He has previously served as director of the WTO and Chairman of the Historical Security Council. Karamveer’s role will be to moderate the debate and work with directors and foreign policy advisors to ensure that the simulation proceeds smoothly. Being a space aficionado, Karamveer hopes that he can be helpful if any student wishes to ask him questions both about the conference or any other concerns.


Vice-Chair: Abdel Tayem

Hello delegates! My name is Abdel Tayem (I go by Tayem), I’m the Vice-Chair for the Futuristic Security Council (SC 2033), and I can’t wait to meet you all! I’m a first year student in the BSc Psychology program, and try to evenly distribute my time between procrastinated class work and finding new ways to spend copious amounts of money on food. After spending two years as a delegate in high school, I’ve fallen in love with HSMUN and want to make sure that this year’s conference coming up in the near future is going to be “out of this world” for this council!

I’ll show myself out.
Foreign Policy Advisor: Sabrina Tharani
Hi everyone! My name is Sabrina, and I’m delighted to be one of your FPAs this year. I’m completing my final year of my Bachelor of Arts, majoring in political sciences and minoring in history (science-y history, so if you wanna talk real-life UFO cover-ups, I’m your girl!) It’s my third year as a volunteer with HSMUN, and I’m happy to be back! In my free time, I enjoy creative writing, re-watching The Office or Star Trek on Netflix, and visiting coffee shops around our wonderful city. I’m looking forward to working with and learning from all of you this upcoming conference!
Foreign Policy Advisor: Sarah Hurnard
Hello! I’m Sarah Hurnard and I am one of the FPAs for Security Council 2033.  I’m currently in my second year in Political Science at the U of A but this is my first time working with HSMUN. When I’m not stuck studying I prefer to spend my time watching TV  (usually Doctor Who or Sherlock) and cuddling with whatever puppies will except my love! I doubt there are any puppies on Mars but I’m looking forward to meeting all of you anyways and helping you with your futuristic foreign policy!

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