Hey everyone,

As everyone should know, HSMUN is happening this weekend! As the dias staff, we hope that all countries are properly prepared for the topics of WMD’s and small arms.

Things to note before coming to HSMUN

  1. Registration starts at 5pm in the main CCIS atrium

  2. Please dress appropriately for this event

  3. Please bring any office supplies that you may need during HSMUN (ex. Pens, pencils, paper, and computers)

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday and if you have any questions please email us at


DISEC dias staff

Its February and February means HSMUN is just around the corner. Effectively, you should be done, or have started your position papers. These papers should cover both topics of debate. The position paper should be an overview of what your country will bring to the discussion as well as your foreign policy in terms of both issues. As you may know, some countries have mandatory papers as it is essential to the progress of discussion during the conference, I would still recommend that all delegations write one. We’re looking for clarity, accuracy, and conciseness. This isn’t supposed to an egregious homework piece, but just a way to work ahead and be prepared for the conference. The best position paper will win a sweet award for your efforts. Also, please keep in mind that we will genuinely read these, so please take that into consideration when you hand them in.

See you soon!

Manvinder Lalh ~ DISEC Vice Chair.

Hey everyone! With HSMUN approaching we would just like to emphasize how critical it is to have a proper foreign policy that is in line with the actual policies of your country. This means that I hope that everyone can do some proper research of their country so that debate can stay on topic as much as possible. We do not care how crazy your policies might be as long as it to relate to your country’s foreign policy. The dais will be looking closely at everyone’s actions during HSMUN to make sure that everyone can stay on message correctly. We will continue to keep you updated on more issues.

Hello again DISEC delegates I hope you had a very (un)productive break from school and additionally from me. In this post I want to discuss something that I find that a lot of delegates struggle with. And that’s the committee environment itself. How to stay on one’s feet, how to mingle, how to work behind the scenes how to stay relevant, and most importantly, how to make jokes and enjoy yourself.

The most important thing one can do within committee is to not shy away from speaking, find your place and settle into your role and own that. If you feel shy, get to know a couple people in your first unmoderated caucus, especially the ones on the first day, meeting new people right of the bat and being open with them, joking around, getting to know them as a human is just as important as it is to get to know them as a delegate. Doing  this early on makes you feel far more comfortable in committee which is key in making confident speeches and remarks as debate proceeds.

Unmoderated caucuses are also your time to get together with your allies to draft a working paper, it’s important to be effective with your time, requesting extensions when reasonable. It’s also not unheard of to work on working papers outside of committee hours. I personally would throw something together after the first session on my way home (the contents and how to go about creating a working paper/ draft resolution will be discussed elsewhere) just as a quick starting point. I would however caution excessive work out of committee as these papers tend to be out of touch with the proceedings of debate, so avoid this. Remember the UN largely works as a unit, and the constituents of that unit cannot be separate from one another in order for the unit as a whole to work effectively.

Regardless of the seriousness of the topic at hand at HSMUN and indeed at the real UN memes are made, jokes are cracked (albeit less at the real UN) there great stress relievers and tension/ice breakers that keep the sessions from being to rigid and tense. They usually happen organically, as charismatic characters that pop up during debate tackle the seriousness of the matters in a way that make it more palatable. Or even misspeaks are taken advantage of and quickly written into the next issue of The Daily Delegate and immortalized as I myself have done: 

~Manvinder Lalh, New Zealand, Russian Federation delegate extraordinaire.

The most important thing to remember in committee is when it comes to jokes, know that professor Oak’s words must ring in your ear, there is a time and place for everything, have fun but don’t treat everything like a joke, don’t be that guy. Inversely, don’t be the opposite, relax a little, don’t be a poor sport and enjoy the incredible experience you’re currently having.

Manvinder Lalh, DISEC Vice-Chair.

Dave Burd is the realest.

“Nah I ain’t riding no waves, too busy making my own waves” ~ Kid Cudi

Before we take part in DISEC in February, the dias thought it would be important to discuss what DISEC actually is and why it is important to the United Nations. The Disarmament and International Security Committee is the first committee of the United Nations General Assembly. After World War 2, it was founded to protect and preserve world peace dealing with disarmament and other related international security questions. DISEC has been involved with many different issues including global security, nuclear weapons, and the arms trade which all still impact our world today. This committee deals with very controversial topics and issues making it difficult to pass resolution papers both in the real world and at HSMUN. This committee always gets into heated debates and great discussions and we would recommend all delegates to participate as much as they can so that we can see perspectives from all sides. Good luck to everyone and be grateful that you are fortunate enough to be in this wonderful committee.


Hello again HSMUN delegates. The conference is still a ways away, however the excitement, at least for myself is very real. I hope you’re thinking about what’s important to your country and using that information to help you think about how to prepare for your committee sessions. Another useful way to approach research, is to think about what’s at stake for you and your country. It’s always a shame to see a very important country not speak up in conference because they’re either shy or feel as they don’t have much to contribute. Even if you’re a small country, issues could be very important to you. Specifically for this committee all the countries in the Arab league as well as African nation’s have a very important role, equal to that of bigger countries such as the US and Russia. Remember that in order to have the best experience, not just for yourself, but for the committee in it’s entirety is to be active in conference, knowing your stuff is a good way to be confident enough to do so.

Keep it gangsta.

Manny Lalh, AKA Firm Handshake; DISEC Vice-Chair


Hello delegates and welcome to the DISEC, the Disarmament and International Security Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. The Chair, Vice-Chair and Foreign Policy Advisor, collectively known as the Dais, is looking forward to meeting all of you. As such, we the Dias also remain hopeful that this year we can break the long, barren streak of DISEC not passing a single resolution at the GA Plenary.

Inline image 3

The Dais staff which includes the Chair, Vice-Chair, and FPA are there to ensure that all delegates have a productive and lit experience for HSMUN 2017. Your Chair for this committee is Cen and she will be the one calling upon speakers from the Speakers’ Lists and during moderated caucuses. Furthermore she will also be moderating the voting on motions and will rule out those that are dilatory. She will also be there to help mediate personal conflicts between delegations (Duel! Duel! Duel!) and to help everyone stay on track while having fun during the course of the conferece. Manvinder is your Vice-Chair and he is there to add speakers to the Speakers’ Lists (delegates can raise their placards to be added), to revise working papers for approval as draft resolutions, to serve as a resource (along with the FPA) for formulating working papers, and to support the chair in their responsibilities. The FPA for DISEC is Samir and he is the IR guru that can answer all your questions regarding your country’s foreign policy and the topics at hand. He will also be the person monitoring the delegates’ adherence to their state’s foreign policy objectives.


So delegates please feel free to approach any of the Dais staff for any questions you may have before and during the conference. We are all here to ensure that you have a wonderful experience at HSMUN and know that by being in DISEC you are already halfway there. 

With that, we look forward to you joining us in DISEC, otherwise known as the Most Lit Committee.
– Dais of (Most Lit) DISEC
  Cen, Manvinder, Samir

Hello and welcome to HSMUN 2017, and more specifically the DISEC council. We as the dias staff look forward to a productive conference! At HSMUN, the DISEC council hasn’t passed a single resolution in recent memory, this year we hope to change that. Now that registration has effectively closed it’s a good time to look at the general foreign policy of your country, your allies, countries who’ll share, or should share similar ideas to your nation so that you can settle into your research progress smoothly as you get busier later in the year. The most important thing you can do to prepare is to be confident in your case, see where you as a nation would logically buckle, and where you wouldn’t concede any ground. HSMUN shouldn’t be something that takes all of your time, but at this point it is definitely something to think about. Looking forward to seeing you soon, you’ll hear from us soon.

Manvinder Lalh, DISEC Vice-Chair
Stay woke.

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