Conference Aides

General Aide: Douglas Lam


General Aide: Marvin Do

Marvin a fourth year BSc Kinesiology student repping the faculty of Phys Ed and Rec. This is Marvin’s 5th year participating in HSMUN, starting beef between countries in DISEC for 3 years, and operating in the shadows of the conference as a general aide for his second time this year. Marvin likes to procrastinate by listening to music and watching the same youtube videos over and over, many times mumbling “Hey, that’s pretty good” every other minute. Marvin thinks he’s a really fun guy, and sometimes tries to hard to be funny but really enjoys talking with people about anything, from philosophy to memes. He’s stoked for this year’s HSMUN bruv!


General Aide: Victor Mocanu

Victor is in his second year of General Sciences majoring in Biological Sciences with a Psychology minor. Victor has two years of experience with HSMUN with one year as a delegate of the Legal Council and another volunteering as a General Aide. Another HSMUN General Aide, who shall remain entirely anonymous, always tries to associate Victor with memes although Victor continues to shrug off the haters. Way to go! Victor would hesitate to say he enjoys politics, especially south of the border, but he does have an interest in it. Victor plans to work with the HSMUN team and delegates to keep HSMUN running smoothly for all to enjoy. Say hello if you see him running around!


Diplomatic Aide: Andriy Krugliak

Andriy (pronounced Andrew) is a first-year Arts student with a major in Economics and a minor in Political Sciences. Andriy is a huge nerd and loves spending his free by rewatching the Star Trek series, and looking for more and more music to add to his library. This will be Andriy’s fourth year with HSMUN, but his first as a Diplomatic Aide. In his role, he’ll shuffle through various committees to aid in any way he can. Andriy cannot wait to meet all of the wonderful delegates this year!


Diplomatic Aide: Neil Cameron

I’m Neil Cameron, a Diplomatic Aide, and a first year physics student at U of A. I did HSMUN all three years of high school, and absolutely loved it. I got a chance to be on WHO, UNODC, and the Security Council, and it was a great time. In my spare time I enjoy doing crosswords and playing accordion by candlelight. I look forward to a great time at HSMUN 2016!