Encouraging South-South Co-operation for Development

The South-South Cooperation for Development suggests that in the past two decades, there has been exponential increase in globalization and trade. However, in this growth, trade within the Global South has been stagnant since 2011. The Global South consists of countries south of the equator, such as Africa, Latin American and members of the Middle East/Asia. The largest contrast in development is shown by the G8, where all of the eight members reside in the Global North.

The Global South has been moving towards South-South cooperation with two notable efforts; the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the introduction of the $100 billion New Development Bank in July 2015. However, the role of the United Nations is to support their current initiatives. In this situation, the developing countries ned global collaboration to increase their knowledge and implementation of South-South cooperation tactics. There has been an introduction in developing the South-South cooperation through “policy development and dialogue, research and analysis, the brokering of knowledge, support to capacity development, the development of partnerships and innovative finance, and monitoring and evaluation of South-South cooperation programmes and other initiatives”.

         All of the pillar described above shape the South-South policy thinking on a worldwide level. The current work of the UN is to find strategies of implementation with the South. That being said, the current research and analysis files for South-South cooperation have been increasing. This generation of data will contribute to policy advice and revision for the countries involved.

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