Dais Bios

Chair: Alex Kwan

Alex is a first year pharmacy student at the University of Alberta. Prior to pharmacy school, he completed two years of undergraduate studies as an Honours Neuroscience student and was involved with HSMUN since Grade 10. Alex also continues to involve himself in student government representing over 6,000 undergraduate students in many levels of University Governance. Alex also has a strong passion for academic research, spending every summer since Grade 11 participating in scientific research in multi-disciplinary fields such as anesthesiology and transplant infectious diseases. Beginning this Fall, Alex is excited to begin his studies in the PLLC where he looks forward to working with the diverse leaders in the program to create a positive change in his community.


Vice-Chair: Anusha Kav

Hey Everyone! My name is Anusha Kav and I am a first year student with a major in Political Science and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies at the U of A. This is my first time volunteering with HSMUN and as a past delegate I’m really excited to be your Vice Chair for SOCHUM! I have very passionate views regarding feminism, dogs and the unnecessary nature in which Shonda Rhimes exists and kills off iconic characters.


Foreign Policy Advisor: Shridhar Patel

Hey everyone! My name is Shridhar Patel, and I am at 1st year Political Science major (Bachelor of Arts) at the University of Alberta. I am going to be your Foreign Policy Analyst for HSMUN 2016. My duties include grading your guys’ papers, as well as providing information to delegations that diverge from the official foreign policy of their respective nations. I hope to  have a great HSMUN Conference and am looking very forward to seeing you all there! May your papers be good, and your enemies be unprepared!


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