Conference Aides


Hope Salim

Hope is in her final year majoring in psychology with a minor in international studies. Last year she volunteered with HSMUN for the first time, and she had so much fun that she had to come back! She’s super excited to meet the new volunteers and delegates. Hope has been dancing since she was four and loves to read mystery novels in her spare time. Like many of the volunteers, she is a big Marvel fan and can’t wait to watch the new tv shows!

Matthew Kosowan

Matthew is a first year Engineering student at the University of Alberta. This will be Matthew’s fourth year with HSMUN, three years previously as a delegate and now his first as a volunteer. As a delegate he participated in two different committees, which were Norway in disec (grade 11) as well as Haiti and Mexico in eco-finance (grade 10 and 12). He is very excited to be returning to HSMUN this year as a volunteer, looking forward to another outstanding conference! In his free time, Matthew loves to solve calculus problems and listen to music. In his future, Matthew wants to pursue a career in which he can travel around the world and help the less fortunate.  

Sama Dawood

Sama is a first-year Engineering student (RIP) and potential comic book artist/animator/master programmer at the University of Alberta. Sama participated in HSMUN for the past three years and is thrilled to continue the journey by volunteering this year. Throughout her HSMUN experience, Sama has developed a passion for the advocacy of human rights and making meme resolutions. Sama has represented the delegations of Jordan in the HRC, Italy in the HRC and finally Denmark in SOCHUM. When not violently debating with other, Sama enjoys: painting, drawing, writing, singing, playing her guitar and watching Netflix instead of working on her ENGG 130 assignments. In all, Sama is eager to meet all of you wonderful high school students and see what you have to offer at HSMUN 2020!

Tyson Attia

Tyson is a second year science student with a major in biological sciences and a minor in psychology. This will be Tysons third year with HSMUN and second year as a volunteer. Tyson started of as a delegate of Greece in the Who, and is excited to continue his involvement with HSMUN. Tyson has taught himself piano over the summer and loves to learn how to play new music in his free time. Tyson hopes everyone will enjoy the conference and will do whatever he can to make it as enjoyable as possible 

Anjali Joshi

She is in her second year of Political Science at the University of Alberta. She has completed two years of HSMUN in high school prior to becoming a general aide this year. She is looking forward to experiencing HSMUN from another perspective and helping people enjoy it as much as she did.


Matthew Danyluik

Matthew is a third year Neuroscience student serving as a Diplomatic Aide for HSMUN 2020. He loves getting involved on campus, and spends his time working on student-led projects in neurotechnology and sustainable development, as well as his research in human memory function. He’s also a big hockey fan (Red Wings, not Oilers!) and loves playing soccer when he’s not perpetually injured. Matthew is an HSMUN rookie, and this coming year will be his first with the conference: despite this, he can’t wait to help facilitate an amazing experience for all!

Jonathan George

Jonathan is a second year Business student majoring in Accounting and minoring in Management Information Systems. He’s served as a delegate for one year at HSMUN, and served as a delegate for the Alberta Intercollegiate Model UN last year. He enjoys long walks on short beaches, working out and romantic comedies. He has a deep passion for history, and is always eager to discuss classical antiquity or modern subjects with anyone interested. Want to debate as to whether it was Liu Bei, Cao Cao or Sun Quan who deserved to unite China during the Three Kingdoms era? Interested in discussing the role the 1967 Arab-Israeli war led to the downfall of secularism in the Middle East? He’s your guy! This is his first year volunteering for HSMUN and wishes best luck to all delegates this year.