Keon Collett, Secretary General

Keon Collett is a fourth year science student, with a Biology major and a Chemistry minor. He is a legacy HSMUN-er, with a special interest in global health and development. When he was young, Keon wanted to be a Pokemon trainer. Today, he plans to go into the medical sciences and hopes to spent time working in the Global South. Keon has a Great Dane named Rory – yes, after Rory Gilmore – with whom he enjoys long walks in the river valley. He is excited to make this year’s conference great!

Perrin Michalyshyn, Director General

Perrin is a third-year student studying Kinesiology in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. This is his fifth year of involvement with HSMUN, and first year on the executive. He hopes to pursue a career in medicine or law, but isn’t entirely sure which. In his spare time he enjoys sliding across hardwood in socks, and eating copious amounts of grilled chicken. He is also a pro at making ice. Hope you are as psyched for HSMUN as he is!

Donald Ademaj, Under-Secretary General Dias
Donald is a Fourth-Year General Sciences student majoring in Chemistry, with a Business Minor. This is Donald’s 6th year participating in HSMUN, being a delegate on Security Council for 2 years in High School, and now volunteering for his fourth year, second year on the executive. In his free time, Donald likes to wonder about a world where Donald Trump is President, Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Manchester United, the Ottawa Senators win the Stanley Cup, and where he’s married to Genie Bouchard. One day Donald, one day. Throughout the conference, make sure to stop and chat with Donald about anything in the world! Really.

13903314_10154447037961133_3069077399657020651_nMorgan Cselinacz, Under-Secretary General Logistics

Morgan is in her second year in the Faculty of Sciences, completing a specialization in Psychology. She is probably too involved in politics for her own good, and spends most of her free time over-analyzing video games and books. This is her fifth year involved with HSMUN, and her second volunteering, and she is pumped to see Mars colonized in a timely and orderly fashion. When she is not running around with cookies and name tags during the Conference, be sure to get into a discussion with her about the moral integrity of allowing mages sovereignty in Dragon Age.

Melanie Liu, Under Secretary General Finance
Mel is entering her third year of University where she is studying Strategic Management and Organization at the Alberta School of Business. She was a delegate in model UN during high school and has volunteered for the past two years in the Press Committee during University. This year, Mel will be stepping up to the plate of USG-Finance and although she knows she has big shoes to fill, Mel is very excited to be a part of the Exec team for HSMUN 2017 and cannot wait to see the conference come to life in February!
Jonathan Barraclough, Under-Secretary General Foreign Policy
Jon is in his fourth year of university and his third year of his Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education majoring in Career and Technology Studies – Computer Science and minoring in Physical Science. This is Jon’s second year of HSMUN and first year on the executive. Jon is a big time nerd who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, you name it and likes to spend his time living in his mom’s basement watching Netflix and playing video games. Jon is big time into planes and aviation and wants to be a pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force in the future. If you ever want to talk airplanes or sci-fi, he’s always willing to nerd out. Jon is super excited to be part of this year’s executive and is looking forward to working with all the delegates and volunteers of HSMUN 2017.

Sonia Grewal, Under-Secretary General Press and Media

Sonia is a fourth year business student with an Operations Management major and Strategic Management Organizations minor. She is currently completing her first and second placement for the Business Cooperative Education program. This is her eighth year of involvement with HSMUN, three as a delegate and five as a volunteer, with this year being her first on executive. In her spare time, Sonia likes to bake, nap and play video games. Be on the lookout for her columns in the Daily Delegate! They are sure to excite!


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