Press and Media Staff

Jacob Mellick

Jacob is a fourth year Biological Sciences Student.

Reem Almawed

Reem is a third year pharmacy student (the future legal drug dealer in the media team!) and she first became involved with HSMUN as a high school student in 2016. While Reem’s career path may not be very specific to foreign affairs, she has a love for both the HSMUN conference and photography, and is excited to be on the HSMUN press and media committee for her second year. When she’s not studying which drugs can treat the arrhythmias you may get during a hot political debate, Reem enjoys doing anything artsy, bouldering, and making people guess what her ethnicity is. Reem is excited to creep into your debate rooms and try (and fail) to be subtle while taking photos of your beautiful faces!

Rachel Wang

Ni-HAOwdy! Rachel is currently a fourth year pharmacology, not pharmacy, student. As the joke goes, those in pharmacology legally make the drugs and pharmacists legally deal the drugs so that’s the difference. This year will be Rachel’s fourth year with HSMUN, two as a delegate and two as a media volunteer and she is looking forward to making more amazing videos for y’alls. Her (love?) interests are Marvel Studios, Sebastian Stan, Aaron Tveit, Chris Evans, Jake Gyllenhaal, filmmaking, Aaron Tveit, cinematography, Sebastian Stan, directing, and we’ve stopped her before she hits the word limit. Cash her not ousside but in her Sebastian Stan or Chris Evans shirt at the conference.  🙂


Raquel Medina

Hola! Raquel is a first year Political Science student and is super duper excited to be a part of her very first year of HSMUN!! She has always had a deep passion for all things to do with international relations, foreign policy and the world in general.  Raquel has a very strange variety of interests that range from a creepy obsession with musical theatre, all the way to Al Pacino and any WWII movie (she’s still figuring out why she loves war history so much). Raquel loves people and would love nothing more than to chat with anyone, (she also speaks fluent Spanish and is always on the hunt for new amigos). Please feel free to come up and say hi to her- she has many stories to share.