Press and Media Staff

Jacob Mellick

Jacob graduated last year with a BSc in Biological Sciences. He was an HSMUN delegate for two years, and this is his third year volunteering with the Press and Media Team. His interests are reading, writing, music, and movies – if you’re a fan of Kung Fu Panda (the first movie, not to say that the sequels are bad, just nowhere near as good as the original), then he’s a fan of you. Jacob is looking forward to HSMUN 2021!

Reem Almawed

Reem is a fourth year pharmacy student who first became involved with HSMUN as a high school student in 2016. While Reem’s career path may not be very specific to foreign affairs, she has a love for both the HSMUN conference and photography, and is excited to be on the HSMUN Press and Media committee this year. When she’s not studying which drugs can treat the arrhythmias you may get during a hot political debate, Reem enjoys working on creative projects and playing volleyball. Reem is excited to help document what will be one of the most unique conferences in our HSMUN history!

Sophie Lafond

Sophie is a first year Women’s and Gender Studies major coming into her third year with HSMUN, first as a volunteer. She started attending HSMUN as a press delegate and ever since has had a passion for international affairs, debate, and reporting – fueling her career goals of wanting to become a journalist! In her spare time, you can find Sophie reading, doing karate, or hanging out with her nieces and nephews. She can’t wait for HSMUN this year!

Emily Rae Mahon

Emily is a first-year Conservation Biology major. This is her fourth year participating in HSMUN and her first year volunteering. She was a competitive gymnast for thirteen years, so if you ever want to discuss the intricacies of rhythmic gymnastics with someone, she’d be more than happy to! When she’s not researching diversity in the Himalayas or endemic species on remote islands, you can usually find her reading, working on her novel, identifying plants on hiking paths, or listening to the soothing narration of Sir David Attenborough. She is beyond excited for HSMUN 2021! 

Grace Larson

Grace is a first year communications major at MacEwan University, and this is her first year volunteering with HSMUN. She was an HSMUN delegate for four years; serving in SOCHUM, UNODC, future security council, and legal committee. Grace’s writing experience began with her high school newspaper, and since then she has been published by several online news sites and studied journalism at the School of the New York Times. In her free time she loves to take advantage of the free employee tickets at Cineplex and watch way too many movies. She’s always down to chat about your favourite film or weird historical facts!