Press and Media Staff

Press Staff: Sophie Lafond

Sophie is in their second year of a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Women’s and Gender Studies. This is their fourth year with HSMUN – 2 as a press delegate, and their second as a press volunteer. In their spare time you can find Sophie at karate, procrastinating on Discord, watching Twitch streams, or hanging out with friends. They’re so excited for debate to make a comeback with the HSMUN 2022 Conference! 

Press Staff: Tila Tran

Tila is in her second year with a major in political science and a minor in english. Previously a HSMUN delegate all throughout highschool for WHO, Legal, and SOCHUM, Tila is incredibly thrilled to be a part of HSMUN again, this time as a press volunteer! Tila absolutely loves to read, and though school has put a halt on her reading list, she cannot wait to get back to her books after finals. Tila has been playing the piano for fifteen years now, and she loves philosophical conversations and debates. She cannot wait to see the HSMUN 2022 Conference in person again after two years!

Press Staff: Sophie Lafond

Mylo is a first year Arts student studying economics and political science. This is her first time at HSMUN as a volunteer, but she has been a delegate throughout high school for WHO, Legal, and FSC! In her suspiciously scant spare time, she enjoys consuming novels, writing bad short stories, hanging out with friends, sketching, and mindlessly scrolling Reddit. She is very excited to have the conference in person again this year! 

Press Staff: Julia-Rose Miller

Julia is a third year honours history student minoring in anthropology with a specific focus on fashion and material culture. Julia did 3 years of HSMUN in highschool as HRC and WHO but is volunteering for the first time this year since it’s her first year at UofA. In her spare time she sews, draws, reads (mostly 19th century) literature, or historical non-fiction and plays far too much Sims 4—if only the semester would allow more time for this. She is excited to finally be able to volunteer for HSMUN in 2022 and meet all the delegates!

Media Director: Rachel Wang

Rachel holds a BSc in Pharmacology from the University of Alberta and currently works in bioinformatics. This will be her fourth year volunteering with HSMUN. Some of Rachel’s interests consist of photography, filmmaking, and figure skating. She hopes to bring you another great year of videos and is excited to welcome everyone back for the 2022 conference.

Media: Piper Radostits

Piper is in her second year of a Bachelor of Science in Animal Health. Piper was a delegate at HSMUN for 2 years, on WHO and FSC, and this is her first year as a volunteer. Some of Piper’s interests include photography, doing all things outdoorsy, and being a proud horse girl. Piper is looking forward to taking photos and capturing all the fun moments at the 2022 conference.

Media: Jacob Mellick

Jacob is in his first year of an After Degree in English. He was a delegate with HSMUN for two years and has volunteered with the Press and Media Committee for three years. He enjoys vibing, perhaps more than is healthy. Jacob is looking forward to filming and editing the criis and opening videos this year and can’t wait for you all to see them!