Press Bios

Press Editor: Amy Hua

Amy has participated in HSMUN several times, both as a delegate and as a volunteer. She is very excited for HSMUN 2017! Amy is pursuing a Computing Science Specialization degree at the U of A but in her free time she enjoys writing fan subtitles for foreign TV shows in an attempt to play a small part in bringing the world closer together.


Media Editor: Thai Sirikoone

Thai Sirikoone is a three-time volunteer for HSMUN, as well as a previous high school press delegate. This conference, Thai will be managing HSMUN’s media alongside Preyanshu Kumar and Richard Bagan. Thai is a third year communications student from McEwan University and is also the online editor for MacEwan’s magazine, the griff. In addition to being an editor, Thai also works as a lifeguard. In his spare time, Thai enjoys telling HILARIOUS jokes and closing his eyes as much as possible.


Press Volunteer: Katie Li

Katie is a second year student majoring in animal biology. This is her second year volunteering at HSMUN, and her fifth year being involved. Katie loves geese, astronomy, and ice cream, and she usually wastes the little free time she has on Tumblr or Youtube. Otherwise, she also enjoys reading, feeding birds, and daydreaming.

Press Volunteer: Nathan Fung

Nathan is a fourth year Political Science major and Economics minor. This is his third year volunteering for HSMUN and was a delegate for two. He can be found around campus either guzzling coffee or sleeping as a result of being overworked. He is also a massive Doctor Who fan and might chew your head off if your knowledge isn’t on par with his (just kidding guys, I’m really tame! Honest!). Aside from watching Doctor Who and volunteering for HSMUN, he loves talking about politics and social issues, and writes frequently for U of A’s student newspaper The Gateway.


Media Volunteer: Richard Bagan

Richard is a second year volunteer for HSMUN. He is excited to be managing media alongside Thai Sirikoone and Preyanshu Kumar. Richard is a second year finance student at the University of Alberta School of Business and enjoys long study sessions and late night Kanye listening parties. He also loves photography and dank memes.


Media Volunteer: Preyanshu Kumar


Press Volunteer: Gabrielle Potvin

Gabby is a first-year Linguistics student at the University of Alberta. This is her first time volunteering for HSMUN, having previously participated as a press delegate in high school. When Gabby isn’t in class, you can usually find her playing the saxophone in the university’s concert band, re-watching old episodes of The Office, and/or running away from her problems.


Press Volunteer: Adam Lachacz

Adam Lachacz is a first year U of A student majoring in History. When not studying, Adam balances his time precariously among playing board games with friends and writing news articles for The Gateway. As a past HSMUN delegate, Adam looks forward to helping Press Delegates at this upcoming Conference!


Press Volunteer: Hania Aamer


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