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  • If you have any questions are concerns or would like to be put on our waiting list please contact
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HSMUN 2020 Step-by-Step Detailed Registration Guide

Just to make the process of registering students clearer, here is the step by step
process to follow beginning September 30th:
1) Fill out the teacher and school information + terms and conditions form on
our website found under the registration tab
2) Fill out the delegate team information form under the same registration tab
a. this is the step where you indicate country preference
3) You will receive an invoice from us detailing the cost
4) Send registration fees to HSMUN in the form of one signed cheque with the
correct amount of fees indicated (addressed to: University of Alberta High
School Model United Nations). Students wishing to apply for fee waivers
can find the application under the ‘Resources’ tab of our website.
5) Once we receive your school’s cheque, we will send you a final invoice as
well as your school’s country assignments.
6) After you receive the country team assignments, you will receive a form
where you indicate the name of the students participating and the
committees they will be sitting on and dietary restrictions

*Often times, you will have to register teams from your school at different times.
Please note that some forms will then need to be filled out again.

Country Matrix

  • All countries labeled as important (red) will be required to submit a country specific position paper to their committee email addresses before the date of the conference 
  • Although not required, it is highly recommended that countries labeled as orange and yellow also complete their country specific position papers to help prepare them for the conference. 
  • Awards will be given to students who demonstrate excellence in writing their position paper for each committee
  • For more information about position papers please click HERE