Dear teachers,

Thanks for your interest in HSMUN 2016! In this section, you will find everything registration-related.

While every school runs their team a bit differently, we have found that encouraging students to begin preparation early is ALWAYS the best course of action. To facilitate this, we have a blog (under committee/topics in the above menu bar) for each committee, which will help guide your students to research resources and pertinent current events, as well as drop hints about crises or the contentious issues of debate. Additionally, information regarding how to prepare, write position papers and resolutions and how the committees are run, can be found under students in the above menu bar.

Speaking more broadly, we hope that teachers or team leaders will introduce their students to the general workings of the UN and support them in their quest to learn more about foreign policy. While we can help students gain a broad understanding of a topic, it is specific foreign policy research which will set delegates apart both on the position papers and in debate. Indeed, our biggest problems each year with debate are the lack of specifics and a disregard for the impacts resolutions might have at a national level. These stem directly from a lack of preparedness when it comes to foreign policy.

We hope you and your students are as excited as we are for February!

The 2016 HSMUN Executive

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