These are the countries and committees for HSMUN 2017. An empty cell indicates an available slot.  A slot that has been allocated to a school will have an X in it. If a slot is blacked out, it means that the country will not participate in that committee.

Slots are also sorted according to the expected preparation and skill level of the students. The colours correspond to the levels as follows:

Red = The delegate should be very highly prepared and comfortable with public speaking, as an unprepared delegate with this country in this committee will noticeably decrease the quality of debate. A student registered in a red country/committee will be denied voting privileges until their background paper is received.
Orange = The delegate should be fairly well prepared, as the country is invested in the topic(s), but not as much rests upon this delegate’s preparedness.
Yellow = Although the delegate should be as prepared as possible, these countries are not central to the topics, and as such, an unprepared delegate will not detract as much from the quality of debate (however, a prepared delegate can still contribute a lot).

All committees have a maximum of one delegate per country, except for the Security Council, and Historical Security council which each have two delegates per country. Please note that not all countries will be on the Historical and Security Committees. As such, if a country is in both the Security Council and Historical committee, it will have a maximum of 9 delegates total. There is a maximum of one Security Council Country (2 delegates) per school.

The last three items (The Holy See, International Committee for the Red Cross, Palestine) have observer status. This means that while delegates assigned to these will be able to participate in debates, they will not be able to propose or vote on resolutions. Please email us at if your students wish to register as an observer entity not listed below.

The following sheet will be updated every 2 weeks from registration open. 

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