Stage 1: Conference and Registration Information

The first page of registration will take you through all of the conference information that you’ll need.




Stage 2: School Information

To begin registration you will need to submit the school you are representing and how we can contact you, please click the link below to submit this information. You only need to fill this section out once – even if you are registering delegates in multiple rounds.



Stage 3: Delegate Information

The next step in registration will be providing some more information about your delegation. Your delegation will be representing one or more countries in all of the committees that country sits on; students can then help each other research their foreign policy.

Please include the total number of delegates, and your team’s top country picks. We won’t sort students into their committees, you can divide students into countries and committees as you see fit. Each school will get at least one Security Council country. We will do your best to accommodate your preferences, but can not guarantee your top choice.


Stage 4: Conference Policies

Please give this review of conference policies a read. We require that every supervisor manually agree to all policies. If students have problems with being photographed, it is their responsibility to contact HSMUN ( and make arrangements.


Stage 5: Payment

We would appreciate if you would collect all the money from your delegates and provide one signed cheque with the correct amount of fees indicated.

We now offer fee subsidies, sponsored by the Riverview Rotary Club, for students who cannot afford to pay the full $70 fee. The application form can be found here, and should be emailed by the teacher or student to at or before the time of delegate registration. We will respond with our decision as quickly as possible.

Students who reside outside the Edmonton area may contact HSMUN at to potentially receive partial reimbursement for travel and accommodation expenses, also sponsored by the Riverview Rotary Club of Edmonton




Stage 6: Confirmation

When we receive your registration, we will send you a quick email right away with an invoice that states the total cost, so you know how much your cheque should be for.

Please note that we need to receive your cheque on or before that date to confirm your places, and that we will not email your country assignments before receiving your cheque.

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