HSMUN 2022 Volunteer Application

(Volunteer applications for HSMUN 2022 are due September 12th at midnight.)

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Dais: Consists of the Chair and Vice Chair; the Dais moderates debate in committee.

  • Foreign Policy Advisor (FPA): FPAs advise delegates on their countries’ foreign policy and are expected to have a thorough understanding of the topic(s) at hand in their committee.

  • Diplomatic Aide: Diplomatic Aides assist with debate in various committees; responsibilities may include filling in for a Vice Chair or supplying additional resources/support during the conference.

  • General Aide: General Aides assist behind-the-scenes to ensure the logistics and resources required to operate smoothly are taken care of. 

  • Press: Press volunteers assist with the publication of the HSMUN student newspaper by editing delegate articles and assisting with Crisis Video filming.

  • Media: Media volunteers produce the Opening, Closing, and Crisis Videos for the conference; as well as take photographs throughout the conference.