Volunteer Positions


Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs (Dais): As members of the dais staff, Chairs and Vice Chairs are responsible for the moderation of debate during committee sessions. In particular, Chairs and Vice-Chairs manage speakers lists, conduct voting procedure and approve draft resolutions, all while enforcing the rules of procedure. They are also responsible for writing a brief background paper on the issues to be discussed in their committees. Dais staff act as resources for their delegates, assisting them with committee procedure and with drafting resolutions. This position will require attendance at three major training sessions as well as the upkeep (research and writing of) a blog with your co-dais staff. While some knowledge of the UN, Model UNs, and international relations are useful they are not required.

Foreign Policy Aides (FPAs): In short, FPAs are responsible for helping delegates stay in line with their governments’ policies. Making up the third part of each committee’s dais, most of their time is spent working in concert with their dais partners to ensure that each committee remains on topic and that debate is productive. FPAs are responsible for knowing committee topics inside and out and helping delegates through the intricacies of foreign policy. They may send helpful communiqués from home governments to students as well as staging interventionary educational presentations if committees become helplessly mired in confusing debate. This position will require attendance at several major meetings/brainstorming sessions/filming sessions as well as the upkeep of a blog with your co-dais staff. It is imperative that FPAs have some knowledge of international relations, are competent at doing basic research for papers and quick briefings, are comfortable giving oral presentations, and have good writing skills. Additionally, every year at least one committee is faced with a crisis which is created and filmed by the FPAs.



Note: The HSMUN newspaper, The Daily Delegate, is produced at least twice prior to the conference and at least three times during the event itself. News videos and other multimedia productions such as slideshows may be part of the News Team’s responsibilities.

Layout Editor: The Layout Editor will be expected to oversee the design of all editions of the paper, which vary in length from 2-18 pages in length, as well as contribute to the final slideshow. Experience with Indesign (or a similar program) and Photoshop (or a similar program) are necessary, as well as the ability to meet a tight deadline.

News Editor: The News Editor will be in charge of overseeing all articles published in The Daily Delegate and will work closely with the Layout Editor to produce a polished product. They will work with both university and high school press writers and help establish the tone of this year’s paper in conjunction with the Under-Secretary-General Press. The News Editor position requires strong writing and editing skills, international relations knowledge, and an ability to meet a tight deadline.

Writers: Writers will be expected to produce articles for newspapers both prior to, and during the conference on a variety of international affairs and conference happenings. Strong writing skills, some knowledge of international affairs, and the ability to research and write articles on a tight deadline are all assets to this position.



Slideshow Producer: The Slideshow Producer will be responsible for creating the slideshows for both the opening and closing ceremonies. While the opening ceremonies video tends to be a multimedia presentation using news/documentary/movie clips, photos, etc., the highly anticipated closing ceremony show consists of photos taken over the course of the three day conference.  Therefore, this position will require someone with some knowledge of video production software and potentially photo-editing software as well.

Photographers: Our official photographers continue to be some of the most popular members of the HSMUN staff with student delegates, and with good reason. The final slideshow, where all the pictures are shown, tends to garner the most laughs and cheers and delegates are always excited to see what crazy photos will make it into editions of the The Daily Delegate. This position requires applicants to own their own camera (although we may be able to accommodate special circumstances) and have some experience with photography.

Film Crew: Over the past several years, film has been introduced into the HSMUN media repertoire in a variety of different ways. This year’s film crew will likely be involved in producing pre-conference clips on everything from how to be a successful delegate to teasers for crisis simulations. The film crew will also work closely with the FPAs to create the news reports that bring the crisis simulations to life. Over the conference itself the film crew may choose to create a video to show at the closing ceremonies and/or assist in the creation of daily UNN broadcasts. This position will require significant pre-conference work, and preferably applicants will have some experience with video equipment including video editing software and the ability to meet deadlines. While we largely rely on volunteers to supply their own equipment, we may be able to make other arrangements if the need arises.



General Aides: General aides are the right hands of the conference executive members during the event itself and take on a multitude of tasks over the three days. This position is ideal for someone who wishes to participate in the conference but only has time to volunteer during Reading Week as there is no pre-conference work required (although there are always jobs to be done throughout the year if you want to make a larger commitment!). It is essential that prospective aides have an independent work ethic.

Graphic Designer/Web Designer/Tech Support: HSMUN currently has one main website, several blogs, a Youtube channel, a Facebook account, many Gmail accounts and publishes numerous newspapers, newsletters and brochures, all of which require graphics, updating, etc. Anyone with the ability to make websites or banners for blogs would be a great asset. This position is whatever someone is willing to make of it.

Delegate Resource Room Aide: During the conference itself delegates can bring their own laptops, and are given access to a computer lab so they can draft resolutions. The Delegate Resource Room Aide plays a key role in ensuring that delegates have access to printing and the internet if necessary. As well, they may be asked to assist delegates with correct formatting for resolutions and to carry out basic editing. With this in mind, the ideal candidate will be comfortable with editing, and working independently. This position requires minimal pre-conference work (the Aide will mainly need to familiarize themselves with HSMUN resolution writing guidelines).

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